Why Does Russian Technology Sophistication Refers to Airplane Structure Development?

The aircraft is heavier than air, designed to fly in the atmosphere using power plant , which creates thrust and stationary relative to other parts of the apparatus wings creating lift force. A fixed wing distinguishes an airplane from a flywheel and a helicopter, and the presence of an engine from a glider. An airplane […]

8 Best Type of Russian Airlines Service

Among the many planes going back and forth at the airport, have you ever observed if the plane type of each airline is often different from each other? Maybe this rarely gets people’s attention. But if we observe a little, the plane that looks the same is different type. Likewise, with planes that are in […]

8 Famous Airlines in Soviet Union

Do you often travel by airplane? For those of you who often use airplanes, of course you have your favorite airline, right? What is your consideration for choosing your favorite airline? There are many considerations that make someone decide to use a particular airline. Around the world there are many famous airlines. But, do you […]