Rosebud Eggs for Your Easter Gifts

Easter is a religious day awaited by the people who celebrate it. Many people will decorate, make or buy something to give to their loved ones as a gift or just make it a decoration of the room. The gifts given also varied.

The most common gifts were made by people is a decorated egg. As you well know, the celebration of Easter is still closely related to the decorated eggs. Whether as a gift or as a decoration at home. People will compete to make their ornamental eggs prettier.

In Russia too, eggs are also commonly given as gifts during the celebration of Easter there. There are eggs that are decorated starting from simple and have affordable prices to eggs that are elegant and have very expensive prices. One of the beautiful eggs suitable for Easter is Rosebud Eggs. Have you ever known the form of this Rosebud Egg? To provide information for you, let’s see about Rosebud Eggs for your Easter gifts.

What comes to your mind when talking about Easter? Some will certainly answer about the celebration at Easter and some will answer about the holiday to honor those who celebrate Easter. Everyone has a different meaning when Easter.

When Easter, you will certainly often see a decorated egg. Either when you visit the home of your colleagues or when passing in the store and see the storefront window. The egg decoration was sometimes also having a specific theme that will make it look special egg.

The egg decoration you see also affects the selling price. It starts from simple egg decorations that you can buy at cheap prices and some have complicated and elegant egg decorations that you can buy at very expensive prices. That kind of thing also happened in Russia. There is a unique egg called Rosebud Eggs.

Have you heard about Rosebud Eggs? Or do you already know what Rosebud Eggs is? I think there are still many of you who don’t know and are curious about this Rosebud Eggs. Therefore, this article will discuss about Rosebud Eggs for your Easter gifts.

  • About Rosebud Eggs

Rosebud Egg or some people who know it with Fabergé Egg is actually an Easter egg that has an elegant decoration. It was also the first egg to have enameled gems around it. The Rosebud Egg was created by Michael Perchin in 1895 and still under the supervision of the Russian jewelery craftsman Peter Carl Fabergé.

Rosebud Egg is one type of egg that has a very expensive price. When the ornamental egg is opened, you will find a surprise hidden inside. So, you do not be surprised if this egg is very beautiful, elegant and also has high artistic value.

  • Some Explanations About Fabergé Egg

When we discuss Rosebud Egg, the term Fabergé Egg also appears. But actually, what is Fabergé Egg? Here is a little explanation.

Fabergé Egg is actually a term for eggs that have jewel decorations. These ornamental eggs are made in St. Petersburg by House of Fabergé. It was a jewelry company in Russia which was founded in 1842.

This Fabergé Egg has a small surprise hiding inside its egg. Jeweled embellishments that surround these eggs could have cost at least £ 1 million. Until now, maybe this Fabergé Egg numbered up to 69 pieces and 57 of them still survive today.

  • The History of Rosebud Eggs

According to history, this Rosebud Egg was made to be presented as a gift for Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. It was the first egg that Nicholas II of Russia gave his wife. Rosebud Egg was made in 1895.

Rosebud Egg is an egg that is reminiscent of the rose garden Rosenhöhe and Darmstadt were missed by the Empress during her first Easter. The yellow rose in the Rosebud Egg is the most valuable. Now the Rosebud Egg has become part of the Victor Vekselberg Collection located at the Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  • Ingredients to Make Rosebud Eggs

Rosebud Egg is generally made using gold. But there are also some eggs made using precious stones and also other types of metal. This Rosebud Egg making material will affect the selling price of this egg later. But now there is also a replica of the Rosebud Egg that you can give as a souvenir gift for your loved ones at Easter.

Ornaments that decorate around Rosebud Egg is also made with various materials. Starting from diamonds, pearls and other precious metals. This will make the Rosebud Egg was as elegant and beautiful.

  • The Inner in Rosebud Eggs

Rosebud Egg also has internal components that are usually made of gold or platinum. Inner is on the egg is intended as a surprise for recipients of Rosebud Egg. Not only that, there are also several types of eggs that have diverse internal components. For example, it has a miniature model of a house, a train, a cruise ship or it could be other things.

  • Rosebud Eggs Souvenir for Easter Gifts

When looking at the design of the Rosebud Egg, people will certainly agree that it has a very beautiful and elegant design. Behind the special design, there is a high price to be paid. It fits perfectly into a luxurious Easter gift.

For those of you who want to give Rosebud Egg too but don’t have enough money to buy it, you can look for Rosebud Egg replicas. This replica is certainly made of materials whose quality is different from the original Rosebud Egg. But at least you can still have a Rosebud Egg with a beautiful design and also with a price that is not too expensive.

And maybe there are still some of Rosebud Eggs for your Easter gifts that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Rosebud Eggs for your Easter gifts. Are you interested in buying Rosebud Eggs both original and replica of it?

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