8 The Greatest Russian Gifts for Your Special Partners

If we talk about gifts, it will be very pleasant to receive it, right? Especially when we receive the gift from our special partner.

Everyone around the world has their own taste when they want to give a gift to their special partner. That’s because those people know their partners well. Even each country has a type of gift that is suitable and unique from that country to be given to a special partner.

Then what about the kind of gift from Russia? I wonder what kind of Russian gift would be given to a special partner?

Let’s look at the greatest Russian gifts for your special partners.

Give a gift to someone often coincide with a special event or celebration. However, there are also some people who still give gifts even though there are no special celebrations. The gift given was deliberately chosen to impress our special partner when receiving the gift.

When you visit Russia, there are a lot of unique items that you can make as a gift for your special partner. If you choose the right kind of gift that will certainly make the recipient feel very happy. Then, what are the greatest gifts from Russia that you can give as gifts for your special partner?

Maybe there are still many people who wonder about the best gift. Especially beautiful and attractive gifts from Russia. Therefore, this article will discuss 8 the greatest Russian gifts for your special partners.

  • Russian Shawl

Giving gifts to special partner will be easier and will have lots of types of gifts to choose from if your partner is a woman. One type of gift for your special partner is a Russian shawl. It is a good choice because it can support the appearance and can also be made as a fashion collection from the recipient of the gift.

The Russian shawl is very famous for having a distinctive modern Russian design and the color of the shawl is a local color from Russia itself. That makes Russian shawls look very elegant when used.

  • Russian Lacquer Box

One other gift that you can give to your special female partner is Russian Lacquer Box. It is an art of lacquer painting with painting media in the form of a box. This gift was made by hand painting directly from the craftsmen.

Paintings in Russian Lacquer Box usually come from fairy tales in Russia. Russian Lacquer Box can also be used as a beautiful box for storing jewelry owned by your special partner. It’s also very beautiful if you make it as a collection. With such a beautiful gift, your special partner could be very impressed with the gifts you give.

  • Jewelry from Russian Designers

If you plan to give a very special gift and you are willing to spend a lot of money, jewelry gifts can be your choice. In Russia, you can give the gift of jewelry designed by designers from Russia. You can also find jewelry combined with amber there.

You can give jewelry gifts to your special female partner. That will make your partner look more elegant. Jewelry designed by Russian designers will have a characteristic that can make people admire the beauty of jewelry designs in Russia. It is also very suitable for your special partner who likes to collect jewelry from all over the world.

  • Cosmetics That Are Popular in Russia

Many women in big cities in Russia are very concerned about their appearance. If your special partner is a woman and she is very concerned about her appearance, you can choose to give her a gift in the form of cosmetics. Especially if the cosmetics come from well-known brands in Russia.

But you must really understand the skin type of your special partner that you will give the cosmetic gift. That’s because not all skin types can be matched with existing cosmetic brand.

  • Popular Literature Books in Russia

Is your special partner someone who likes to read? If so, maybe you can give him or her a gift of a literary book written by a famous writer in Russia. In Russia there are many famous writers with their best books. It would be a nice gift to give to your special partner.

In Russia, you will easily find a suitable book to be your gift. The genre of the book you want to give as a gift can adjust to the genre of your favorite special partner.

  • Unisex Perfumes That Are Popular in Russia

Sometimes, many people are still confused to give gifts to their special partner. To find safe choices, usually people will give gifts that can be used by both men and women. One type of gift is a perfume that can be unisex.

This unisex perfume can be used by both men and women because the perfume aroma is not leaning on one gender. This kind of perfume can be found in Russia.

  • Russian Matryoshka Doll

The easiest way to give a gift for a special partner is to give a gift that has a characteristic. If you are looking for a gift that has Russian characteristics to give to your special partner, you can give Matryoshka dolls. This doll is famous in Russia.

Matryoshka is a doll that has the same shape but have other dolls of different sizes when opening the doll. The number of dolls in the Matryoshka varies. This doll also has beautiful and attractive images with a very distinctive design from Russia. It is a suitable gift for your special partner.

And maybe there are still some of the greatest Russian gifts for your special partners that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out about the greatest Russian gifts for your special partners.

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