Do You Like Being Scared? These 6 Russian Folklore Monsters Will Creep You Out

Every culture has its own version of folklore and urban legends. Folklore is the traditional stories, beliefs, and customs of a community passed through the generations commonly by word of mouth. There are many types of folklore that branched into: Ballads; traditional poems or songs that tell stories. Fairy tales; traditional stories intended for children […]

7 Eeriest Towns in Russia That Are Almost Forgotten

Russia is a very old country, even ancient. With the massive size and scarce occupants, Russia has a lot of places that now practically empty and abandoned for different reasons. A lot of towns in Russia are industrial which started off as a mine or a plant which then grew into towns to accommodate the […]

5 Most Popular Urban Legends in Russia That Still Being Told

Urban legends, also known as contemporary legends or urban myths, refer to widely propagated, unproven stories of odd or peculiar events that typically contain mindful advise or warnings. They often arouse strong emotional reactions such as revulsion, horror, shock, and sometimes humor. The recount of urban legends over time ensures that they become part of […]