5 Most Popular Russian Folktales to Fill in Your Literary Thirst

Perhaps, folktale is not an unknown story for some of us. Both children and adults can enjoy these folktales. There is at least one folktale title that we have known about since we were children. In fact, you could just have your favorite folktales that you still remember clearly the plot.

As we know, every country in the world has a very popular folktale there. Sometimes the famous folktales will be re-translated into other languages. Some were adapted into a film or series.

In Russia there are also many popular folktale titles. Popular folktales in Russia has also been widely adapted and re-translated into other languages. Do you know the most popular Russian folktales there? If you do not already know, let’s see about the most popular Russian folktales to fill in your literary thirst.

Folktale is a story that spread through word of mouth. This story is often heard when we were children. Not infrequently people also still remember the folktales they once heard until now. Especially if it is our favorite folktales when we are children.

Folktales can be enjoyed by anyone, both children and adults. Usually these folktales come from cultures that exist in the regions of a country. In folktales there is a moral message that will be a medium of learning for children.

In Russia also has a variety of folktales. There are many popular folktales there that have been adapted into animation, films and series. To add information for you on a popular Russian folk tale, this article will discuss the 5 most popular Russian folktales to fill in your literary thirst.

  • Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a folktale that originated from Slavic. This is one of the stories that are popular both among children and adults. Baba Yaga is told as a popular witch who lives in the forest.

There are many versions of the Baba Yaga story that you can find because of the influence of different Russian cultures. In folktales, Baba Yaga is portrayed as an old witch who flies with mortars and holds pestles. She lived in a hut that had leg like a chicken leg. There are those who illustrate that Baba Yaga is an evil character, but there are others who illustrate the opposite.

  • The Princess Who Never Smiled

The Princess Who Never Smiled or also known as The Unsmiling Tsarevna is one of the famous folktales in Russia. It tells the story of a princess who never smiles or laughs. Until one day the father promised to marry his daughter to anyone who could make the princess laugh or smile.

The princess was finally able to laugh because she saw an honest male worker who came to the castle was surprised when looked at by the princess. The man fell into the mud, then mice, beetles and catfish helped him. Because of their antics, the princess finally laughed. The princess and the man finally married.

  • The Death of Koschei The Deathless

The Death of Koschei the Deathless or also known by the title Marya Morevna is one of the most popular folk and fairy tales in Russia. This story tells about Koschei, an immortal man who is evil by using his magic. Koschei will fight with Ivan Tsarevitch because Ivan’s wife was taken away by Koschei.

Told, Ivan Tsarevitch is a man who has three sisters who are all married to witches. One day, Ivan met with Marya Morevna, a beautiful warrior princess and marry her. Koschei who was originally locked up could be free because of Ivan, but instead he took Ivan’s wife who was at war. Various things were done by Ivan in order to win his fight with Koschei and bring back his wife.

  • The Language of The Birds

The Language of the Birds is one of the famous folktales in Russia. This folktale tells about the son of a merchant named Ivan who wants to learn the language of birds. Having succeeded in protecting four chicks from the storm, Ivan was able to learn the language of birds from the mother chick as an expression of gratitude.

Told Ivan heard the nightingale’s song which says that he will be the king’s son, and his own father will be his servant. His worried parents put him on a boat and pushed him off the beach. Until finally he arrived in a city and helped the King discuss with three crows that bothered the King. As an expression of gratitude, the King married his youngest daughter to Ivan and until finally Ivan’s father really became his servant.

  • Father Frost (Morozko)

Father Frost, also known as Morozko, is a popular folk tale and fairy tale in Russia. This folklore tells the story of two girls who met with Morozko and got a different fate. This folklore has also been adapted into a film.

It is said of a woman who has a biological daughter and a stepdaughter. One day she told her husband to take her stepdaughter away and leave her until she died of cold. But the stepdaughter was kind and obedient to Morozko so she got a lot of beautiful and good things from Morozko. When the woman did the same thing to her biological child, she cried because she found her daughter who died of cold because the child was being rude to Morozko.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about most popular Russian folktales to fill in your literary thirst that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about 5 most popular Russian folktales to fill in your literary thirst. So, are there any of the most popular folklore in Russia that catches your attention?

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