The Odd Fashion of Russian Girls in 2019 (Not to Wear)

We are all different, but we have common needs. Clothing is one of them. It is one of the languages of communication and self-expression in the modern world. What are our requirements for it, such collections are created by designers. But why then the clothes from the catwalks look so strange? It turns out that these oddities are our needs. We only understand this a little later, as soon as we get used to it, and the mass market adapts shocking things for everyday life. Then we start talking to each other in fashion.

Moscow has been one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. Trend worshippers look up to what the city has to offer from time to time. However, some fashion trends are not meant to be worn on daily basis. They may look brilliant on some people but belong purely only to the catwalk and not the streets. Here is some of the odd clothing from the Russian girls’ fashion in 2019.

Fashion trends, as if by agreement, offer clothes that are absolutely unsuitable for everyday life. However, it’s difficult to come up with even some special occasion when it will be appropriate. The year of 2019 has already managed to introduce us to many fashion trends. But among the masterpieces of the catwalk and interesting street bows, a number of very strange images were discovered. And these are not piece items of clothing, but whole lines of bathing suits, dresses and trousers, designed, apparently, for very bold buyers. All these things are perplexing either with an absurd design or excessive frankness.

1. Multi-colored tights

The key to a perfect classic look is a combination of clothes with black or nude tights. But the modern trend dictates a new rule – many girls dilute their evening hang-out with tights with a brand logo, rhinestones or beads.

2. Insect wings

Butterfly wings on designer shoes are commonplace. But the impression of dragonfly wings on the fabrics of the Tony Ward collection will surprise even inveterate fashionistas. Such things can only be worn on a special occasion.

3. Brilliant 30s

The Gucci brand presented a cruise collection that overtakes time – while everyone around is copying the style of the 70s, the designers of the Italian fashion house plunged into the first third of the 20th century. It is unlikely that modern ladies will like the combination of exquisite lace dresses with shiny hats – these wardrobe items are too different in character.

4. Mesh pants

Fashion Nova created mesh pants that leave almost no room for imagination. They consist of several very thin strips of artificial leather stitched in the form of a cell. While you are racking your brains over where to wear these pants, the “Almost Sold Out” badge has already appeared in the online store.

5. Non-fabric clothes

Russian designer Lyudmila Norsoyan is experimenting with technological materials based on steel, coal, and copper. A non-standard approach to materials is a breakthrough in Russian eco-design. Russian designers do not ignore Common Ground and keep up with the trends. But is the Russian buyer ready to adapt his wardrobe in accordance with global trends? While there is no clear understanding of what eco-textiles and eco-fashion mean in the minds of Russian consumers. But if you provide a choice of environmentally friendly materials in all price segments, that is, confidence that the buyer will respond and make a choice in favor of nature.

6. Worldhood

We understand that clothing is a necessary element of self-expression, which means that the importance of individuality is growing. We cannot be ordinary. We like to demonstrate our lives online 24 hours a day, promote ourselves as a brand, and come up with a manifest. Everyone stands out as they want. Sporty style, vibrant prints or defiant slogans on clothing. It is formed under the influence of brands such as Gosha Rubchinsky or Vetements – retro style, 90s.

In the fall-winter 18/19 season, this trend is called Worldhood. In the spring-summer 2019 season, this trend sounds like a creative manifesto, revolutionary, with a challenge, the influence of Gucci, a mixture of bad taste, prints, and luxury can be traced. This is a very volatile trend, because what we choose quickly spreads across Internet spaces and soon becomes mainstream. A creative manifest is a constant update.

Irina Kushnerevich, WGSN Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe, comments on this trend: “We are experiencing the 4th wave of feminism, and this will certainly change the face of the future, from people’s behavior to clothing style. Currently, in the fashion industry, protest is clearly expressed through messages on clothes using various alphabets: Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese characters, or even their mix. ”

It turns out that global trends are not only popular, but also very important for a person. After all, what they choose is beneficial to the world and to themselves. And modern fashion allows them to make such a choice. This is also the case with other trends for 2019. They support the person in all endeavors.

Fashionable to do everything that does not harm nature, is beneficial. Fashionable to be healthy. And clothing is the complement of who you are already. In this case, you can have many images. The new generation is developing and understands the difference between a functional, technological and fashionable product and a thing for one day. And of course, the trend remains that it is simply fashionable to be yourself. It is fashionable to be authentic, sometimes strange, but real. The odd fashion of the Russian girls in 2019 is not actually just a way for them to express themselves.

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