What To Wear In Moscow In December

When you are going on holiday to Moscow in December, you would not regret it. The weather will be extremely cold but it will be worth the beautiful view of the historical city. As Russia’s capital city, Moscow looks very pretty when the snow starts to fall. You can imagine how great the sight is […]

Foreigner Tips! How To Survive The Russian Winter

For you who love to travel all over the world, you must try to travel to Russia during the wintertime. There, you can see the different views of the city when it is covered with layers of snow. You will see how beautiful the cities are with the touch of white all over it. Winter […]

Russian People Fashion Style Along the Winter Season

Fashion is a part of every body’s life. Every year we witness how fast fashion changes. It can be as simple as the most trending color of the year, the most famous make-up style up to the most fashionable clothing of the year. Fashion can be determined based on the weather or season too. During […]

9 Amazing Facts of Russian Coat Design

Russian is known as one of the coldest countries in the world with the winter that is relatively longer than most regions with four seasons. This definitely affects the way people dress in Russia, because fashion is always more than just a style but also comfort. Fur coat has always been one of the most […]

All You Need To Know About Russian Ushanka

When we talk about an army or a large number of soldiers, we must think about military operations. During the military operations, they use many weapons to protect themselves and to attack the enemies. Of course, they need to go through many physical and skill training to get prepared to face their enemies and to […]