The Level of Friendship for Russian People

Friendship is more than a pleasant company or closeness of interests. Friendship is a deep, sincere relationship that includes a whole range of emotions. Friendship is characterized by deep mutual understanding of people. This means the ability to communicate with each other almost without words, using gestures and facial expressions, to perceive and accurately understand […]

Why Russian Women Prefer to Wear Stilettos?

Everyone knows that Russian women are beautiful and take fashion very seriously. It is not unusual that they dress up as if they were going to a gala dinner in the Kremlin, but in fact they just decided to drop by the shops. High heels are a clear favorite, so Russian women can be seen […]

Odd Questions about Russians That Foreigners Often Ask

It comes only naturally for people, anywhere around the world, to be curious about other people and cultures that are foreign to them. They would start asking questions, which some could be quite common like “what is weather like in your country?” or “what is your traditional culinary like?” But, some questions may come odd […]