4 Gorgeous Designs of Russian Scarf 2019

Scarf is one of the most basic staple clothing accessories among Russians. Not only beautiful, it is also available in various sizes and material, from wool and fur to silk and cotton. Because of that, Russian scarf is known for its versatility, making it a suitable adornment for any occasion. Favored by locals, admired by foreigners.

All over the world, Russian scarves are famous for its old tradition and understated elegance. There are the Pavlovo Posad scarves that has been in existence since 1795; the delicate Orenburg pashminas that has been embroidered from the highest quality wool since the 15th century; also other Russian shawl for warm and beautiful look. Modern style of Russian scarves are popular for their beautifully-designed patterns as well.

Traditionally, scarves in Russia are designed by Russian craft painters with patterns that are derived from locally-made ink and folk tales. However, Russian scarf nowadays are also inspired by a wide range of modern design concept that comes from fashion trends, television shows, and pop cultures. Its innovative prints have became an undeniable asset for many well-known Russian designers.

Gorgeous Designs of Russian Scarf 2019In this line, the gorgeous designs of Russian scarf includes prints that has been evolving day by day. It is no longer only depict traditional patterns, but also more contemporary trends. The more fashionable crowds will choose patterns that are in accordance with the year’s international trend, while common people will choose patterns that are more eye-catchy and functional.

Keeping up with the trend is important, even more in the current social media culture. So as not to be left behind and being criticized as ignorant, it may be useful for you to know the latest gorgeous designs of Russian scarf 2019. Although you may have no interest in becoming a trend-setter, the addition of one or two new scarves will always be good for your wardrobe. Here’s a brief review for you to see.

1. Geometric Patterns in Bright or Muted Colors

According to snapshots from the latest Russian Fashion Week’s street style that are being published by Vogue, geometric patterns in bright colors are rising in popularity among women. Red and orange blocks of prints in various shades adorn monochrome suits and plain down jackets with a taste of warmer season.

On the other hand, men prefer geometric-patterned scarves in muted color, such as navy, grey, and moss green, but with brighter lines. It can also be seen in the latest collection of men’s cache-nez and scarfs in the Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory’s website, that includes classic patterns like light brown-colored hounds-tooth and squares over plain dark background.

This does not mean that men and women cannot exchange their favorite scarves. Scarf is one of 5 stylish Russian accessories for men, and also pretty for women. However, apparently, there seem to be a distinguishing quality between bright colors that are more feminine and muted colors that are more masculine.

2. Sporty Scarves

Last year, famous fashion editor Rachel Wang uses the scarf of Rostselmash, a minor football club from Russia, during Fashion Week in New York. Even more, the photo lands in Vogue pages! Of course, it does not necessarily mean that she is a fan of the club. However, it does mean that the fringed Russian sporty scarves are “in” according to the fashion insider. Coming on the eve of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, the news is quite explosive.

Sporty ScarfIn the fall of 2019, the World Cup has passed. But the sporty scarf is still one of the hottest street style trends, as can be seen from the photos of the recent Russian Fashion Week. However, the patterns has become more innovative. They no longer depict football club logos, but also freestyle lines and abstract drawings. This evolves Russian sporty scarves further into a universal fashion item for any season.

3. Flower Patterns in Rich Hues

Flower-patterned scarves are everywhere in Russia, being worn by old and young in various colors throughout the year. Thousand hues of Roses, Azalea, Chamomile, Lilac, and other flora never really become outdated in the world of Russian scarf, because there are artisans that specialize in making flower-patterned scarves. For example, in the Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory directory, Elena Litvinova is said to have been entitled “Paintress in love with flowers”.

Chic flower-patterned scarves make a comeback this year in the neck of stylish individuals who attend Russian Fashion Week. As bright colors make its way to the runways du jour, flower patterns become a beautiful alternatives to repetitive geometric blocks. The more up-to-date flower patterns also available in abstract-like drawings, giving it a more futuristic vibe over slick materials like silk and crepe.

If you are searching for gifts from Russia for your Mother, flower-patterned scarf is the best option. They can be worn over any outfit in both formal and informal settings. Aside of it, the meaning of flowers can be the center of discussion among her friends and extended family. Very versatile, right!?

4. Matching Dress and Scarf

The history of fashion is full of efforts to match shirts and gowns with accessories in suitable tone. Traditionally, Russian scarf is a separate item with its own designs that can be worn to elevate your clothing, although both has different colors and patterns. However, the latest trend tries to match color and patterns of dress and scarves.

Blue dress with blue scarf, flowery patterns with flowery scarf. To better match them, both the dress and the scarf are cut from the same material. Of course, it means the scarves has to be made from silk or cotton, instead of wool. There are also limitations in what kind of patterns can be made into such matching outfit.

If you want to replicate the trend, make sure the material will feel good as clothing as well as scarf. Avoid more slippery materials that will be difficult to wrap in your neck or shoulder, or delicately woven materials that will be cumbersome as dresses. Additionally, it is imperative to make sure that the patterns lean toward more conservative style, in order to avoid it being called as “tacky matching outfits”.

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