Russian Drinks That Are Good For Pregnancy

Literally everything in a woman’s life is important for bearing a healthy baby. It is important how often she is in the fresh air, how active her lifestyle is, her peace of mind, what the expectant mother eats and what she drinks. A pregnant woman is obliged to review her diet, carefully consider the choice […]

Non-Alcoholic Russian Drink That Can Be Drank By Everyone

Beverages are one of the things you can enjoy when you are traveling. From the taste of the drinks, we can learn the culture of a certain place. This is also a good way to understand the palate that has been formed in society. The beverages we like are depending on our preference. Some of […]

5 Simple Recipes of Non-Alcoholic Russian Beverages

Are you trying to pass on the booze and currently look for non-alcoholic beverages that will more than make up for it? While some people decide to decline alcoholic beverages all year round, the practice of giving up the sauce for a stint is very popular. It seems the lure of saving their wallet, trimming their […]