Russian Beverage Time: How to Combine Kahlua and Cream Perfectly?

Kahlua may have been developed by the Mexicans, but the rich coffee-based liqueur has grown into a beloved beverage all over the world, including Europe and Russia. It is so favored by Europeans, Russians, and Americans alike that they create various type of cocktails, soft drinks, and cakes using the combination of Kahlua and other […]

Warm Up Your Body With White Russian Drink

Surviving harsh winter days is not a trivial matter. Similarly, you would find it difficult to be cozy when you hike up a tall mountain top and find that a lot of things over there are frozen already. In these cases, a drink that can warm up your body will be much appreciated. The drink […]

6 Things That Should Be Considered Before You Drink Kahlua White

Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liqueur that has been around since 1938. Made from rum and Arabica coffee, Kahlua is originally from Mexico and claimed to be the world’s most favored and popular coffee liqueur. Almost every bar and pub from around the world has a good stock of Kahlua in its store room because of […]

Kahlua Milk, Is It Suitable for Kids?

Okay, for all of you who know what a Kahlua is, the title of this article may have triggered you or stir some sort of emotion from deep inside – especially if you are a parent or one of those people who take parenting very seriously. But, please, calm down. Relax. Let us all take […]

Margarita Recipes from Around the World

One of the most popular cocktails among the alcoholic drinks lovers is Margarita. The mixture of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice is said to be clean, refreshing, and perfect for summer days and a must-have in pubs and bars around beaches. Mojito is another cocktail that has the same type of taste. Margarita is […]

The Story behind Mule, a Kind of Russian Drink, That You Need To Know

If people are asked to make a list of words connected to Russia, vodka would most likely appear on it. The liquor has become the nation’s pride and identity that some studies show a typical Russian man can drink up to 180 bottles of Vodka in year. It shows how much they love the spirit. […]

Here Are Some New Russian Mojito Recipes You Must Try

Mojito is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. It is originally from Cuba and known as a highball or a mixture of alcoholic base spirit and a larger portion of non-alcoholic mixer. The traditional version of Mojito consists of five ingredients; white rum, lime juice, sugar cane juice, soda water, and mint. […]

How to Make DIY Kahlua White Russian Recipe

If you are familiar with alcohol – or coffee, Kahlua may not be a new word to you. It is a coffee-flavored alcoholic drink from Mexico which contains Arabica coffee, rum, vanilla bean, and sugar. It has been many people’s favorite for the rather refreshing, aromatic, and sweet tone to the liquor. Now, what if […]

Have You Ever Tried Moscow Mule? Let’s Find 7 Facts Here

Let us be honest; we might not drink cocktails for our health and would rather go for drink concoctions that are mixed with fruit and vegetable. However, have you ever tried Moscow Mule? Moscow Mule is better choice for those who put health before anything else; since the recipe will help you avoid some kind […]

5 Fascinating Things You Probably Do Not Know about Moscow Mule

Summer heat may be winding you down. It is honestly a cue for us to think of any excuse to enjoy a warm night with a tasty cocktail. Choosing a cocktail of choice may be tricky, especially for those who put a lot of concern to their health. It is not just calculating calories that […]