5 Best Known Ballet In Russia You Should Know

romeo and juliet in RussiaDance has been introduced for several centuries. But along with the times, the types of dance are increasingly increasing with their respective goals and stories. And the dance that is still preserved authenticity and is classic in nature is ballet. Who doesn’t know ballet? Ballet is a dance that is very famous in the world. Because of the beauty and complexity of each movement.

Ballet is a theatrical dance form with music and stories. Ballet is indeed much modified, but ballet remained loyal in the 17th century. Ballet is the main dance art in the west. A little history of ballet, ballet first appeared because of the efforts of members of the Italian renaissance court to entertain themselves. Then this dance develops in France. Ballet may be found in Italy and France but was perfected in Russia. It was developed in 18th century Moscow in a dance school in St. Petersburg in 1673. Ballet reached the highest level in Russia because it became the most popular entertainment among nobles. Russian ballet is known as ballet russes. And one of the most legendary ballet dancers in Russia is Anna Pavlova.

Russian ballet is indeed very famous in the world. To discuss more fully we have presented 5 best known ballet in Russia that you must know.

1. Swan Lake

Swan Lake is the most popular ballet in the world from Russia. Swan Lake was composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875-1976. Initially, this ballet scenario was made in two rounds. That is Russian and German folklore and tells the story of Odette, a princess who turns into a goose by the curse of an evil witch. Choreographer of the original production of this dance is Julius Reisinger.

Swan Lake was first hosted by Bolshoi Ballet on March 4, 1877 in the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. During the Swan Lake performance accompanied by various types of musical instruments. Ranging from strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, to harps. Swan Lake plays several roles. The main roles are princess Odette, a beautiful princess who has turned into a white swan, and Prince Siegfried, a handsome prince who falls in love with Odette.

Then there are many supporting casts. Like Baron Von Rothbart, an evil shaman, who has made the Odette turn into a swan. Odile, Rothbart’s daughter, Benno Von Sommer stern, Prince’s friend. Also, it is played by the Queen, Prince Siegfried’s  mother, and others.

Swan Lake is usually presented in four rounds, four scenes (especially outside Russia and eastern Europe) or three rounds, four scenes (especially in Russia and Eastern Europe). The current difference between Swan Lake is at the end of the story. Swan Lake initially had a tragic ending, but was changed to a happy ending.

2. Romeo and Juliet

The next famous ballet in Russia is Romeo and Juliet. Of course you already know the story of Romeo and Juliet, the work of William Shakespeare. And Sergei Prokofiev adopted Romeo and Juliet’s stories into ballet. Of course, this ballet is very interesting to watch because it’s very dramatic.

Romeo and Juliet ballet was first presented at the Kirov Theatre (now the Mariinsky Theatre) in Leningrad on January 11, 1940, with the choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky and played by Ballerina Galina Ulanova as Juliet and Constantine Sergeyev as Romeo. This production received an international award and was awarded a stalin prize. The musical instruments used as story accompaniment are woodwinds, brass, knock, keyboard, string strings, and strings bent like a double bass.

If you watch ballet Romeo and Juliet, you will definitely feel the drama sensation that is very touching.

3. Cinderella

The famous ballet is Cinderella. Cinderella is also a ballet composed by Sergei Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet’s compiler. Cinderella is one of the most popular and melodious compositions and has inspired many choreographers from the beginning. Cinderella was arranged between 1940 and 1944. Cinderella has 3 rounds. This story line also has similarities to the original cinderella story. The music used in this story is the piano.

4. The Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a ballet in the prologue and the first three rounds were performed in 1890. This ballet is also very phenomenal and often aired in Russia. The music was composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and the original choreographer was Marius Petipa.

Actors in the Sleeping Beauty story are Princess Aurora, Prince Desire, King Florestan, Queen, daughter of Florine, and Carabosse. The premiere of the Sleeping Beauty received a better award from Swan Lake, but never aired outside Russia such as Swan Lake.

This story is the same as the original story of the Sleeping Beauty. Namely romance themed. Princess Aurora is the daughter of the King Florestan and Queen who was hit by a curse. On her sixteenth birthday she will be punctured and die. And after a hundred years later the Prince Desire managed to wake the Aurora from his long sleep with a kiss. They also live happily ever after.

You certainly can imagine when this legend story is played by ballerinas. It will be very dramatic and touching for you the ballet theatrical lovers.

5. The Pharaoh’s Daughter

The last Russian ballet that we will discuss is the Pharaoh’s Daughter. It is a ballet choreographed by Matius petipa and the music by Cesare Pugni. The Pharaoh’s Daughter tells about Aspicia and Ta-Hor.

An English King and John Bull his servant take shelter from the sandstorm at the pyramid during the African safari. To spend time, they gulp opium, and strange things begin to happen. Many mummies in the pyramid come back to life. And suddenly the Princess  Aspicia, the daughter of the Pharaoh came alive and put her hand in the hearts of the nobles and nobles brought to the past. He became Ta-hor, an ancient Egyptian man who saved Aspicia from a lion. Ta-Hor and Aspicia fell in love, but Aspicia was engaged to the Nubian King.

Then Ta-Hor and Aspicia fled and the Nubian King chased them. Ta-Hor and Aspicia rested and met a fisherman. Then Ta-Hor was invited to go fishing, and Aspicia did not join, she chose to stay. Finally, Nubian King found Aspicia, but Aspicia jumped into the nile. While Ta-Hor was brought to death with cobra bites. But, Aspicia returned and watched Ta-hor who was sentenced to death. Then Aspicia said, if Ta-Hor dies, then she will die. And the Pharaoh gave her permission to marry Ta-Hor. And the Nubian King was angry and promised to take revenge. Everyone celebrates the wedding of Ta-Hor and Aspicia. But at the height of the party, the dream of opium ends and Ta-Hor turns back into an English nobleman. When they left the pyramid, the nobles looked again at the Aspicia coffin and remembered their love story in a dream.

This story is a very beautiful story and will surely make you touched when watching it.

That’s the 5 best known ballet in Russia. Russia is very famous for its ballet. And you must be very impressed with the stories in Russian ballet. If you visit Russia, there are lots of theatres that show ballet shows. And you are very lucky to see the performance of one of the ballets we presented earlier. You must not miss that golden opportunity.

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