4 Facts of Major religion in Russia

Russian people diverse in religion. The major religion in Russia includes Christianity, Muslims, Judaism, and Buddhism. Besides the four major religion, Russia also allows other religion in the country, such as Mormon, and Catholicism. All religion can pray, build prayer house and celebrate their holidays.

These visible across Russian, from their temples, mosques, churches, festivals and public holidays. There are many amazing architectural in Russia, and many famous places in Russia has a religious purpose. There are more than 50 religious believes, each can freely follow its religion. People can freely held any religious ceremony in Orthodox churches, Catholic churches, mosques, synagogues, Buddhist temples, and datsans.

The major religion in Russia

Government supports various religion, and give no different treatment between the major religion and smaller ones. A smaller percentage of religion in Russia includes Christian Protestant and Catholic, other traditional region includes paganism and atheism.

Russia is a secular country, there is no religion established as a dominant religion. All Russian have the right to have any religion and even the right to be an atheist. Despite that fact, there are many believers in Russia.

Most believers in Russia are Christians Orthodox, the oldest religion in the country. It also has the most churches in the country. Other Christian religion also exists, including the Old Believers and the Molokans. Islam is the second most common religion in Russia. Another common religion is Buddhism, from the influence of Asian countries. In present times, the largest number of Russian Jews are mostly Israel descendants and immigrants from the former Soviet Union, but the number is smaller compared to other major religion.

Facts about religion in Russia

Overall religion in Russia influence the country’s culture and make it richer. But there are some facts that visitors need to know about the religion in Russia. Acceptance and religion problems are relatively minimum in Russia, all can pray peacefully with almost no difficulty.

1. Most Practice religion In Russia

Christian Orthodox – There are 40 percent Christian Orthodox from the overall Russian population. The religion existence dated way back in Russian history. Therefore, many Russian is a Christian Orthodox by family relations. Many become a Christian Orthodox because it runs in the family. Most Russians belong to that faith, but few are considered active worshippers.

This is the oldest religion in the country and rooted in Byzantine culture rather than Roman Christianity. Due to that fact, their churches structure influenced by Byzantine style and establish several most classical churches in Russia.

For years, Russian spared no expense in constructing outstanding worship place and design beautiful churches in the world. Namely Orthodox church Russkaya Pravoslavnaya Tserkov’, Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, The Church of the Transfiguration, and the iconic cathedrals St. Basil’s Cathedral. All equally remarkable and attract many tourists not only to practice the religion but also to enjoy the amazing architecture.

Islam – This is the second largest religion after Russian Orthodoxy. The majority are active worshippers and practice prays on a daily bases. The number of Muslims continue to increase, due to public acceptance in the Russian government support. The addition Muslim believers also come from immigrants from former Soviet states. They come from countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Kyrgyz. Historically, the Tatarstan people also a believer of Islam after it becomes a part of Russia. It influences Russia with Islamic culture, particularly in Kazan. It represents about 20 percent of the overall population in Russia.

2. Amazing place of worship

Religion practices not only in homes but also in churches, mosques, and temples. Russia has one of the most beautiful churches in the world, particularly due to the fact the religion dated way back for centuries.

The St. Basil Cathedral in the red square, Moscow is one of the main tourist attraction in Russia. It stands as a place for worship as well as amazing architectural sites.

Mosques have a simple structure with a common tower to call people to pray. The typical 4 towers in Russian masques vary from one to four towers. You can find many mosques in Russia and serves a very important factor for any Muslim traveler.

The Moscow Cathedral Mosque is famous in Russia because of its history. Russia government agrees to renovate by demolishing it. The reasons for the action is because of the collapsing structure, the inaccurate line with Mecca with the direction for prayers and even political reasons. After the government destroys the mosque in 2011, a new mosque is built in the exact place.

Buddhism monastery is a place of worship for Buddusht commonly in areas of Buryatia, Kalmykia and Tuva area. It is one of much Russian traditional religion also a part of Russian historical culture. The religion itself grow in Russia with Tibetan and Mongolian influence. Some of well know monastery include Datsan Gunzechoinei and Ivolga monastery which gives a touch of Asian to Russian culture.

3. Temple of all religion

One of the architectural evidence of a peaceful religion acceptance in Russia is the Temple of All religion in Kazan, Russia. The Famous place in Kazan describes all religion structure representative in one place. It is an interesting tourist attraction and give a modern religious atmosphere in Russia.

The designer of the temple put his own money and it is a non-governmental building.  Ildar Khanov claims to have an inspiration to build a place which represents major world faith and plan to continuously redesign the building when new inspiration come. However, he died and the temple remains as it is today.

This private building can only be observed from outside and no religious ceremonial really take place in the temple. It acts more as a landmark rather than a place of worship, although the place is open for specials purposed venues such as meetings and galas.

4. Holidays and Festivals

Christian Orthodox play a huge role in Russian Holidays and festivals. Russian celebrate New years twice. First at the 1st of January the same as the rest of the world. Second is at 7th of January based on The Russian Orthodox calendar. All Russian in spite of their religion, have a long holiday during this time even if they are not a Christian Orthodox. Russian also support Islamic traditions such as Ramadhan and even band alcohol during this time of year.

There you have it, some facts about religion in Russia that should give comfort that no matter what your religion is, you can travel safely to Russia. The religious acceptance is high and everyone can pray based on their religion freely.

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