16 Type of Most Popular Cuisine in Moscow Russia

As the capital and most largely populated city in Russia, of course Moscow has a lot to offer. Especially in terms of food and cuisine. From street food to high-end restaurants, Moscow has many famous traditional dishes for you. Certainly, if you’re ever in Moscow, you have to try the most popular cuisine in Moscow, Russia.

You know the best time to visit Russia and all the famous movies that take place in Russia. But what are the most popular cuisine in Moscow, Russia? Here are some of them!

  • Local Snacks to Try

1. Chebureki

The first most popular snacks in Moscow are chebureki. They are deep-fried thin dough stuffed with minced meat and onions. With a crescent shape, this dish is similar to puff pastries. You can easily find chebureki in special cafes known as cheburechnaya.

2. Pirozhki

These Russian stuffed pies are a nationwide delight. Like bread in Russian culture, people serve pirozhki in all kinds of celebration, from weddings to funeral ceremonies. Pirozhki are stuffed berries, fruits, meat, fish, rice, eggs, mushroom, onions or vegetables.

3. Blini

These traditional Russian pancakes have been around for centuries. They are commonly made from wheat or buckwheat flour and served with sour cream, caviar or butter.

4. Ponchiki

Ponchiki, or you might know it as doughnuts, gained popularity in the Soviet Era. Different to the familiar American doughnuts, Russians shape their dough into balls, fry and cover them in powdered sugar. For a casual treat, you can enjoy this sweet dish from kiosks in Moscow parks.

5. Shawarma

Unlike the previous snacks, shawarma didn’t originate in Russia. In 1990, this meat wrap entered the country and quickly became popular. Other than sliced meat, a shawarma wrap usually contains mixed vegetables, mayonnaise and ketchup.

  • Hearty Soup to Savour

1. Borscht

Borscht is one of the most popular cuisine in Moscow, Russia. Or all of Russia, for that matters. This beet and cabbage soup is the perfect hearty meal for a cold winter day. Based of preferences, it can be served with or without carrots, potatoes, meat, herbs and Russian sour cream. Some even opt to enjoy this dish with a piece of black bread or garlic bread. Though mostly eaten as an appetizer, borscht can also be served for a meal. As a staple food in Russia, it’s one of the must-try dishes when you visit Moscow.

2. Zharkoye

This Russian comfort food is a rather simple recipe that varies throughout households in the country. Essentially, zharkoye is beef stew filled with potatoes, carrots, celery and parsley. Like borscht, it’s best served warm with a dollop of sour cream.

3. Solyanka

Solyanka is a thick, sour and spicy soup beloved in all of Russia. There are 3 variations of this soup, with either fish, meat or mushroom as the main ingredient. All of them are cooked with pickled cucumber, potatoes, cabbage, salted mushroom and again, a generous serving of sour cream.

4. Shchi

This cabbage soup has been a popular Russian cuisine since as far as the 9th century. This traditional meal is easy to prepare and can be cooked with or without various types of meat. What’s unique about it is that it can be frozen and reheated before consumption; handy for trips.

5. Sorrel Soup

Sorrel soup is an extremely famous meal in Russia, especially during the summer days. This is a healthy soup as it is made only out of sorrel leaves, carrots, egg, potatoes and parsley.

6. Okroshka

Last but not least, you have to try okroshka at least once during your stay in Moscow. Unlike the other soups, this one is usually served cold. A bowl of okroshka would contain raw cucumbers, radishes, spring onions, cooked meat and sometimes, a splash of vinegar or beer. Upon serving, Russians would add their favorite condiments -sour cream.

  • Other Meals to Taste

1. Stroganoff

Who hasn’t heard of stroganoff? Moscow is the perfect place to try this delicious beef dish. Beef strips are sauteed with butter, white wine and sour cream. It can be enjoyed straight out of the pan, or served on top of pasta or rice.

2. Pelmeni

Pelmeni are Russian dumplings stuffed with either meat or fish, onions, mushroom and turnips. Before eaten, the frozen pelmeni are boiled in water and served with butter or sour cream.

3. Olivie

This Russian salad is made by mixing potatoes, bologna, eggs, pickles and carrots. Served in a generous scoop of mayonnaise, Olivie is a staple in every Russian kitchen.

  • Beverage and Drink

1. Kvas

You have not been to Russia if you’ve never tasted Kvas. This traditional drink has a mild sweetness and is made by fermenting black bread. It contains an almost negligible alcoholic percentage and was drank by farmers to douse their thirst. Kvas is refreshing and perfect for summer days.

2. Mors

Another must-try beverage in Moscow is Mors. It’s made of fermented foxberries, a type of local Russian berries that taste almost like cranberries. It has a thick texture and a mild alcohol content of just around 1 percent. Mors is enjoyed by children and adults alike, as they are cheap, easy to find and delicious.

It’s safe to say that the capital city of Russia is quite the haven for food lovers. Now that you know the most popular cuisine in Moscow, Russia, you can hop on a plane and go on a culinary adventure! However, if travelling on business, you must know the Russian Business Dining Etiquette and Russian Meal Time Etiquette.

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