10 Most Popular Cuisine in Saint Petersburg Russia

When you’re coming to Russia, St Petersburg is one of the places that you must visit. Like the capital city Moscow, this also populated city has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary adventures. For your visit to Moscow, you’ve learned about the Most Popular Cuisine in Moscow Russia. How about finding out the most popular cuisine in Saint Petersburg, Russia?

Of course, there are some traditional dishes in St Petersburg that you can find in other Russian cities. But some are unique to this port city alone. These are some of the most popular cuisine in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Must-Try Russian Cuisine in Saint Petersburg

1. Borscht

One of the most popular Russian cuisine in Saint Petersburg, and in all of Russia for that matters, is Borscht. You may have tasted this dish elsewhere, but you can find the authentic Russian version in St Petersburg. Borscht is a light beet soup with onion and cabbage, served with a dollop of smetana, Russian sour cream.

2. Shchi

Another type of traditional Russian soup that is just as delicious is called shchi. Its origin dates back to the 9th century when Russians first acquired cabbage. Essentially, it is cabbage cooked in meat broth and enjoyed with sour cream or rye bread.

3. Beef Stroganoff

The next food that you have to try during your visit to St Petersburg is beef stroganoff. This dish is popular even beyond the country and people all over the world give their own twists on it. Stroganoff is a type of Russian casserole with thin strips of beef, onions, mushrooms, wine and sour cream. It can be enjoyed plain, but often people serve beef stroganoff with pasta or rice.

4. Pelmeni and Vareniki

Pelmeni is the Russian version of dumplings and wontons. The traditional versions of pelmeni are stuffed with beef or fish, but modern takes make vegetarian fillings. On the other hand, vareniki usually have sweet stuffings like berries, fruits or cottage cheese.

5. Pirozhky

Similar to empanadas, pirozhky are small fried meat-pies filled with meat or fish and vegetables. However, if you have a sweet tooth than you can try the sweet pirozhky. Instead of savory fillings, they are stuffed with stewed fruits, jam or cottage cheese.

6. Golubtsi

Unlike the other dishes in this list, golubtsi is probably the least easily found. But not because the locals don’t like it, but because golubtsi are usually saved for special and rare occasions. These cabbage rolls are made from cabbage wrapped around meat, onions, mushrooms, herbs and rice.

7. Blini & Oladyi

Blini are thin Russian pancakes that have been consumed for lot of centuries. They are usually made out of wheat flour and served with a variety of fillings, from salmon and mushrooms to berries and jam. Meanwhile, oladyi are thicker pancakes without fillings, but are served with honey or sour cream.

Other Cuisine to Try

1. Chicken Kiev

The origins of this particular dish is not quite clear, but chicken kiev is well-beloved in Russia and beyond. The locals of St Petersburg do enjoy them, though. Stuffed chicken breast is covered in egg and bread crumbs, before later baked or fried. It’s also usually slathered with butter and generous amounts of herbs.

2. Russian Vodka

Believe it or not, Russian people have been making and drinking vodka for many centuries. You’ve heard about the Facts about Russian Vodka That You Should know, and now you’re interested of tasting it. Well, water is the key factor in making good vodka. Many brands in Russia utilize their number of forests, mountain ares and local springs to produce their signature high-quality vodka. So where is a better place to enjoy the infamous Russian vodka then St Petersburg?

3. Uzbek Food

Finally, because St Petersburg is a port city, it has integrated international culture as part of the local lifestyle. This includes Uzbek cuisine. There are many Uzbek restaurant chains in this city as the local enjoy them on a daily basis. From traditional dishes like Uzbek rice dishes, dumplings and skewers, you get to experience a different atmosphere from your previous Russian meals!

Russian Food Markets

St Petersburg has a lot of food markets. Most of the most popular ones had been built during the Soviet Era and are still standing today. These are where locals go to sell and buy produce and various types of food. In a food market, there are dozens of vendors offering different kinds of produce, fruits, meats and even spices. If you’re in St Petersburg, visiting one of these markets is definitely a good way to immerse in local life. Besides, you get to taste tons of mouth-watering delis that local citizens actually enjoy!

All in all, it’s not a surprise that St Petersburg will be a wonderful place to enjoy both traditional Russian food and more international cuisine.  Now that you know the most popular cuisine in Saint Petersburg, Russia, you can be sure that your next trip is going to be a great one. Especially if you know when is the Best Time to Visit Russia and How to Learn Russian for Beginners. But if you don’t have the time, just learn some Common Greetings in Russian!

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