5 Differences Living in Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Must Know!!)

If you had an experience travelling to or living in Russia, you might have traveled to two of the most attractive tourist destinations, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. If you haven’t, you may want to go there when you get a chance. In addition to becoming popular tourist destinations, both Moscow and St. Petersburg are Russia’s […]

3 Charming Appearance of Russian boys

Each men has their own charms and positive points, including Russians. Russian men has their own kind of charms that can’t be resisted. In regards to other articles with similar topics such as Effective Steps How To Date a Russian Man and Main Reasons to Date A Russian Man, this article will tell you the charming appearance of […]

3 Charming Appearance of Russian girls

After reading Reasons That You Must Date Russian Girl and Effective Steps of How to Date Russian Women, you might be wondering, what is so attractive about Russian girls? What are the charming appearance of Russian girls? Every girl has their own charm and beauty, but when it comes to appearance (fashion wise), this article can give you […]

Fashion Trends of Russian Men

The fashion trends of Russian men, for most occasions, prefers simple and athletic attire that serves practical reasons over the more stylish clothes. However, this stereotype is gradually changing as the influence of globalization made its way into Russia, and creates diversity even within one city. For men, the attitude for fashion items varies, from […]

Fashion Trends of Russian Women

Fashion of Russian Women has several key differences compared to the rest of the world due to the external influences. It is a fact that culture is affected by the place people lives in, and different living space can mean wildly different cultures, assuming the two cultures never interact and assimilate parts of the other’s […]