Russian Drinks That Are Good For Pregnancy

Literally everything in a woman’s life is important for bearing a healthy baby. It is important how often she is in the fresh air, how active her lifestyle is, her peace of mind, what the expectant mother eats and what she drinks. A pregnant woman is obliged to review her diet, carefully consider the choice of foods and drinks, because some of them can harm the mother and baby. How about conceiving women in Russia, since the country is known for its high number of alcohol consumer and vodka as one of the most popular things from the country? Despite of how easy it is to get a bottle of vodka in Russia, there are Russian drinks that are good for pregnancy.

Common safe and unsafe drinks for pregnant women

1. Water

An expecting lady should consume liquid quite a lot, unless there is swelling in the pregnancy case. But most of the liquid in the diet should still be water. Bottled or filtered regular clear water are better. Mineral waters are also allowed, but in limited quantities because of the presence of various content of salts in them makes it difficult to remove fluid from the body, which can aggravate edema or existing kidney problems. Choose water without gas, because in pregnancy a woman is already tormented by increased gas formation. In addition, carbonated drinks negatively affect the absorption of calcium.

2. Soda

Of course, soda drinks should be completely forgotten. And the matter is not only in carbon dioxide but also the huge amount of sugar, coloring and food additives which can trigger allergies in the unborn baby and 38% increased risk of premature birth.

3. Coffee

It is also better to avoid coffee – caffeine can provoke a pressure in the uterus and excessive excitability of the unborn child. However, sometimes pregnant women are allowed to drink no more than one cup of fresh coffee at a time, but instant coffee is better left alone.

4. Chocolate

Cocoa drink that is beloved by many actually contains a large amount of iron – almost like meat – which is good for pregnant women with anemia. However, there is also enough caffeine in a glass of hot cocoa, and this drink also flushes out calcium salts from the body which is undesirable when building fetal bones.

5. Tea

A common drink considered safe for most people is tea, and Russians love drinking tea. However, all the same caffeine that it contains makes expecting mothers advised to reduce the amount of tea consumed. It is preferable to replace black tea with green or white, but try not to make it too thick, and it’s best to make teas from herbs and berries. It is much safer to brew at home and not to drink teas of popular brands with fruit additives. Best of all are teas from ginger, rosehip, raspberry leaves and viburnum berries.

6. Juices

Juices are certainly healthy for pregnant women, but only if made at home. The products in packages for the expecting mother are doubtful – there are too many preservatives, acids and sugar. Do not abuse citrus juices – they are quite aggressive to the gastrointestinal tract and are strong allergens. Stewed fruit and jelly could be great options too. They have nothing harmful for pregnancy and taste good.

7. Milk

Dairy products are usually prescribed to all pregnant women. Sour-milk drinks are more preferred to fresh milk because they help to prevent constipation. Today there are more milk options such as almond milk, soybean milk and many more for expecting mothers who are lactose intolerant.

8. Alcohol

Now, this drink should be discarded during pregnancy and lactation. If during these months having alcohol is not avoidable, then the maximum dose allowed is half a glass of red wine no more than once in a month. But it is better to try to do without alcohol at all.

Russian drinks for expecting mothers

1. Mors is a summer refreshing and incredibly healthy drink, which is prepared mainly from berries. Traditionally, cranberries or lingonberries, a mixture of black currants, blueberries and raspberries, viburnum and cherries are used for this drink. The berries are boiled, squeezed, and then sugar is added to taste. The last step could be skipped in pregnant women’s diet.

2. Kompot, an old traditional dessert drink made from fruits or berries (rhubarb, apples, pears, prunes, raisins, plums, rose hips, etc.) as well as a mixture of dried fruits or dried berries and fruits, with added sugar. It is incredibly healthy and nutritious, served in most cafes and dining rooms.

3. In Russia, one of the most popular traditional drinks is sbiten. It is usually drunk several times a day, served in taverns, cooked in villages and sold in cities. It is based on honey and water. To add aroma and taste, a variety of herbal preparations and spices, such as ginger, sage, St. John’s wort, bay leaf and capsicum are added to the mix. Hot sbiten is very popular during the winter. Before tea, sbiten remains the main hot drink of the Russians.           

4. Instead of coffee to raise vitality, and instead of sleeping pills for a good sleep, in Russia herbal tea has long been a better option. Russian forests are rich in fragrant herbs that have medicinal and healing properties. The Russian people are aware of the most diverse types of herbal tea: cooling and warming, vitamin and therapeutic, tonic and soothing. Melissa and mint, acacia and honey, rose hips and chamomile, and many other fruits and herbs are used to make this healthy drink.

All of the traditional Russian drinks above are sure delicious and easy to make. So, if you are expecting, you can definitely try and make these healthy drinks that are good for your pregnancy. The ingredients are supposed to be accessible in many parts of the world, maybe including your place.

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