Does Potato Baby Contained Potato Vodka?

Vodka is one type of alcoholic beverages that have their own fans. Many people who choose vodka for their dinner or perhaps when holding a party. There are several ways or things done when they are enjoying their choice of vodka. As we know, there are many types of vodka in the world. Some countries […]

Margarita Recipes for Kids

When you think of margarita or other cocktails, you would probably think that they all involve alcohol and should only be served to responsible adults. But, actually, to almost every cocktail there is the “virgin” version of it – which means the alcohol is taken out of the composition but the taste should be more […]

How Important is Tequila for Margarita Recipe?

To those who are familiar with drinks, margarita is definitely not a strange or new name. It is an alcoholic cocktail based on tequila. It is included in the number of official cocktails of the International Barmen Association (IBA) under the category of Contemporary Classics. Classified as an all-day cocktail, margarita is one of the […]

How Can Beet Kvass Work as Medical Use? 

Beet Kvass is an exceptionally nutritive, fermented beverage from Russia that is made from refined beets in saline solution. Its natural, somewhat salty, and inconspicuously harsh flavour can take some time to get accustomed to. Furthermore, it merits your opportunity to try it out on the grounds that Beet Kvass benefits cardiovascular, intellectual, and cell […]

Which One Gives More Benefits, Kefir or Ryazhenka? 

Russia has a wide scope of assorted customary beverages to offer that fill various needs. Some of them are utilized to chill during Russia’s sweltering summers. Meanwhile, others permit some solace and warmth during its cold winters. Since the most Russian populace comprised of workers, a few beverages are still utilized as cures.  Regardless of […]

The Healthiest Russian Drinks to Recover Your Health 

There are just so often you can say, “Just water for me, please,” when the server takes your drink request before you begin to get exhausted. Water is a solid and sure thing. Truth be told, it cannot be beat. So, what do you do when you need more alternatives but would still prefer not […]

7 Most Popular Kvass Recipes to Warm Up Your Body 

If you ask the Russian people, which of refreshments they think as Russian national, at that point, 90% will answer Kvass. If you come to Russia and need to feel the environment of the nation, you should taste it.  Kvass is not just a Russian national refreshment. It is a typical beverage of every single […]

The Benefit of Blue Russian Drink for Our Health

Traditionally in Russia, vodka is one of the most popular spirits. It has even become one of the nation’s symbols of identity. The history of vodka is long and old, started in a monastery where a monk tried to find the “water of life” after it was learned that grape wine could not be produced […]

Taaka Vodka; a Kind of Smooth and Exclusive American Vodka

There are usually two points about vodka that get misunderstood. First, vodka is not a liquor brand. It is a type of alcoholic beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol made from distilled starch- or sugar-rich plants such as rye, corn, wheat, or sorghum. Second, vodka is not always produced in Russia. Yes, it is […]

All You Need To Know About Vodka Jello Shots

If this is new to you, then it may be surprising but interesting all at once. Liquors can be presented in many ways to spice up the events they are served in. Parties require their hosts to be creative with how they entertain the guests and keep them exciting. Gelatin with vodka or jello shot […]