6 Things That You Should Know About Flax and Birch Bark Museum in Kostroma

There is an unusual museum in the city of Kostroma on Tereshkova Street. Here, in a single, harmonious whole, two seemingly incompatible things are connected – flax and birch bark. This museum was built and created by Natalia Pavlovna Zabavina, a native of the city of Kostroma, Russia, in 2005. Since then, the museum has […]

Rosebud Eggs for Your Easter Gifts

Easter is a religious day awaited by the people who celebrate it. Many people will decorate, make or buy something to give to their loved ones as a gift or just make it a decoration of the room. The gifts given also varied. The most common gifts were made by people is a decorated egg. […]

The Russian Rag Dolls Are So Unique. Do You Know Why?

Everything traditional and ethnic is always beautiful because it shows a lot about a country’s identity. Start from the food to the dance and music. Russia has some of the most popular folk arts in the world that a lot of people desire to collect such as Gzhel porcelain, Matryoshka dolls, Tula Samovar, Vologda Lace, […]

Is Russian Matryoshka The Same with Japanese Kokeshi? Here’s to Know

Are you among those who like to collect dolls? What kind of dolls that are already in your collection? As we know, there are many types of dolls that exist in every country in the world. There are also types of dolls that have many similarities and some are completely different from the others. Each […]

4 Kinds of Russian Handicrafts for Your Special Ones

Birthdays, holidays, other special occasions, and “just because” moments are usually served as momentum to give a present to someone you deem special. There is just something very endearing as well as meaningful about a present that you took the time to consider and buy. It becomes all the more special when the present is […]

7 Russian Tradition Handicraft That Still Exist

Russia is known to have a lot of beautiful traditional handicrafts. Tourists who come to Russia intentionally buy these handicrafts for souvenirs when they will return to their home countries. These souvenirs will certainly remind them about Russia. Of the many kinds of traditional handicrafts in Russia, there are some that still exist today and […]

Does Ushanka Can Be Worn By Everyone?

Many cultures around the world develop their own brand of headgear. The headgear may be used as mere clothing accessories, ceremonial artifact, or a form of protection from extreme weather. As one country that encompasses some of the coldest place on earth as well as some of the most fashionable residents worldwide, Russia also designs […]

5 Differences between Lomonosov and Gzhel Porcelains

The majority of people would call porcelain as “China” because it was where the first porcelain in the world was manufactured. But, did you know that Russia is actually very popular with high quality porcelains too? A lot of people who travel there would return with a tea set or figurines made of Russia’s finest […]

Lomonosov Porcelain to Complete Your Antique Collections

There are a lot of reasons for people to collect antiques. In addition, people have different looks about possessing antique collectibles. For example, an elderly man was a big collector of antique chairs and placed them throughout his house. He became a collector of antique chairs because it reminded him of good old days when […]

What Makes Russian Floral Box as the One of the Best Russian Gifts?

Are you confused about the gift you want to give someone? Especially if you give it to your friends or relatives in Russia. You will certainly look for the best gift to give, right? If you are visiting Russia, there are many choices of souvenir from there that you can make as a gift. For […]