7 Russian Tradition Handicraft That Still Exist

Russia is known to have a lot of beautiful traditional handicrafts. Tourists who come to Russia intentionally buy these handicrafts for souvenirs when they will return to their home countries. These souvenirs will certainly remind them about Russia.

Of the many kinds of traditional handicrafts in Russia, there are some that still exist today and some are already no longer appear in the market or the store. Then which traditional Russian handicrafts still exist today?

To add information to you, let’s look at the Russian tradition handicrafts that still exist.

Do you like collecting or buying handicraft items? If yes, what types of crafts do you buy frequently? Are they modern handicrafts or traditional handicrafts?

In all countries in the world, there are many types of unique handicrafts. Whether it’s traditional handicrafts or modern handicrafts. Everything has its own charm in the eyes of the buyer or the tourists who visit the country. Whether traditional or modern, it is your choice.

However, if you like traditional handicrafts, maybe you can add traditional Russian handicrafts to your list. There are a number of traditional Russian handicrafts that you can still find today, either in stores or on the market. Traditional Russian handicrafts are no less beautiful than modern Russian crafts.

To answer the curiosity for those of you who are still wondering about traditional Russian handicrafts, then in this article we will discuss 7 Russian tradition handicrafts that still exist.

  • Dymkovo Toys

Dymkovo toys are traditional Russian toys made of clay. This toy has a shape resembling the mold figures, animals, and sometimes these toys are also formed into the penny whistle. Dymkovo toys are made traditionally by women. These traditional toys still exist in the village of Dymkovo.

At first this Dymkovo toys still have links with ancient magic rituals that exist in Russia. This also relates to the agricultural holiday calendar. But as the era progresses, these traditional toys lose the meaning of magic and are now common toys for children. This Dymkovo toy is starting to become a popular souvenir in Russia.

  • Matryoshka Doll

If you want to buy handicrafts that are typical of Russia, maybe you can choose to buy a Matryoshka doll. Matryoshka is a doll that has another doll in it but the doll has a smaller size. This doll is one of the famous handicrafts in Russia.

The size of the outermost Matryoshka doll with other dolls in it are different. The doll inside the main doll has a smaller size. Even so, the picture and shape of the doll remained exactly the same as the outermost Matryoshka doll. The number of other dolls in the Matryoshka also varies.

  • Russian Lacquer Art

When you are looking for traditional handicrafts from Russia that can also be used as collectibles, you can buy Russian Lacquer Box. This craft is the art of lacquer painting where craftsmen use boxes as a medium for painting. The painting is in Russian Lacquer Box is made by the hands of craftsmen directly.

The paintings on Russian Lacquer Box usually adapt from tales in Russia. You can also use Russian Lacquer Box for jewelry storage boxes. In addition, you can also use this handicraft as a collection object as well.

  • Zhostovo Painting

Other traditional Russian handicrafts that you can also use for collections are Zhostovo paintings. This painting is painted using metal tray media. More exactly is a black metal tray. Zhostovo paintings began to appear in the early 19th century. These are included in traditional handicrafts that are famous for having unique painting styles.

The theme used in Zhostovo paintings often uses the theme of wildflowers in Russia. Zhostovo paintings are made traditionally by residents in Russia. In the past this painting was used as a household tool before changing its function into a souvenir.

  • Pysanka

The traditional handicraft that still exists today is Pysanka. Pysanka is a craft of eggs from Slavs. This craft is decorated using traditional designs. Pysanka also uses the wax-resist method in its design.

The designs on Pysanka are not painted, but they are written using beeswax. Therefore, this craft is called Pysanka which means “writing”. But there is also a mention that Pysanka is also interpreted as all types of decorated eggs. There are several regions in Europe that use Pysanka as a candle for Easter. Despite being a craft, there are also superstitions inherent in Pysanka. It is believed to protect the household from evil spirits.

  • Russian Shawl / Scarf

If you want to buy crafts that you can also use every day and can also support your fashion, you can buy a Russian scarf. Russian scarves are one of the popular handicrafts. It is famous because of the scarf that has a design typical of modern Russia. The colors used in Russian scarves also use local colors from Russia.

Russian scarves have several types and lengths. There is a short-sized Russian scarf and can only be used as a scarf. But there is also a large Russian scarf so that it can be used as a head covering.

  • Rushnyk

Rushnyk is a handicraft from Russia in the form of cloth embroidered with ancient symbols. Each region has a different design and pattern. It has a hidden meaning. Usually Rushnyk is used for Eastern Slavic rituals and other similar events.

Rushnyk also has many uses. One of them is Rushnyk which functions as a towel called the Utyralnyk. Whereas Rushnyk which is used as decoration in the corner of the house is called Nabozhnyk. Both types of Rushnyk have different designs.

And maybe there are still some of the Russian tradition handicrafts that still exist that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out about 7 Russian tradition handicrafts that still exist.

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