Lomonosov Porcelain to Complete Your Antique Collections

There are a lot of reasons for people to collect antiques. In addition, people have different looks about possessing antique collectibles. For example, an elderly man was a big collector of antique chairs and placed them throughout his house. He became a collector of antique chairs because it reminded him of good old days when he was growing up as a child in the South.

Also, collecting great antique collectibles can provide the collector with a wonderful experience and have an amazing appearance in their home. If you are interested in collecting antiques then do some research and find an antique that will work well with your home environment.

So, why are we drawn to the mystique of the antiques? The answer is simple. It is the hunt that we enjoy very much. Who doesn’t love the rummaging through a shabby shop of odds and ends, looking for an antique gem? Not knowing what to expect from your doing just makes everything you will find feel like a big surprise.

The Appeal of Russian Antiques

A booming Russian antique market is considered a new phenomenon. After the 1917 Russian revolution and following the civil war, valuable Russian artifacts could be purchased for next to nothing. Diplomats, as well as other foreigners, sent them out of Russia, resulting in a diaspora of Russian antiques.

Because of the low prices they set, very few people were interested in purchasing Russian antiques for a long time. Interest in Russian antiques remained nearly non-existent until the Gorbachev era happened.

At that time, there were a very small number of collectors but the object was not valuable. Fortunately, after perestroika, the price tags suddenly rose and that is when the Russian antique market rose.

According to Russian law, anything that ages more than a hundred years old is deemed cultural heritage and is not allowed to be sent out of the country. Luckily for the global market, a lot of Russian antiques were already out of the country a long time ago. Therefore, there is now a lively trade in Russian antiques.

Lomonosov Porcelain

Have you ever considered adding Lomonosov porcelain to complete your antique collections? Before we get to the meat of the topic any further, we need to know what Lomonosov porcelain is and the history of it. Lomonosov is the name of an imperial porcelain factory founded in St. Petersburg back in 1744 under the decree of Empress Elizabeth. It was the first porcelain factory in Russia and the third in all of Europe.

That is where the talented Russian scientist named Dmitry Vinogradov discovered the secret of creating “white gold.” He was the first person in the history of ceramics who sparked a scientific description of porcelain production which is actually close to the concepts of ceramic chemistry in the modern day.

The factory has been determined to continue the royal porcelain tradition by bringing to people some of the best hand-crafted porcelain products. Whether you are a serious porcelain collector or a mere shopper with an eye for aesthetic, they are confident that you will find something to satisfy your taste.

Process of Creating Lomonosov Porcelain

In this section, we will learn about porcelain’s popularity in Russia and understand the process of creating Lomonosov porcelain. First, just like any other porcelains, Lomonosov porcelain is made by blending quartz, clay, and alabaster. The mixture of those ingredients is then heated until it obtains vitreous or glass-like qualities.

When it is roasted at high temperatures, the clay and glaze will be fused together making authentic porcelain that is subtly translucent, nonporous, and relatively hardy. It makes the porcelain suitable for various applications. After the newly-created porcelain is thoroughly cooled down, it is then hand-crafted by talented artists.

Now, you have a chance to live like the Tsar or Tsarina in their castle by possessing a set of fine Lomonosov porcelain. For those who are looking forward to buying something for the household which is carefully made and practical, all the while showing their high class and refined tastes in arts, there is no doubt that fine Lomonosov porcelain is a perfect choice.

Most Popular Sets

The Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg offers some most popular Lomonosov porcelain sets such as a set of porcelain painted with the renowned, trademarked “cobalt net” pattern, a set consists of hand-painted cobalt blue lines and golden tear-drops porcelains, et cetera. Those designs were inspired by one of Catherine the Great’s favorite tea sets.

Lomonosov Porcelain Products

Not only tea sets, but there are other types of Lomonosov porcelain products made by the factory such as coffee sets, snuff boxes, tea sets, goblets, dinner sets, flower vases, sculptures, and fine China utensils crafted with the coat of arms of the Russian Imperial Court.

Lomonosov porcelain is not only magnificent, but it also exemplifies the Russian perceptions of beauty. The rich and decorative shapes were crafted with the best craftsmanship and were just as beautifully painted with bright, charming colors and patterns. Sometimes, pure gold which is taken from melted gold rubles was then added onto the porcelain, boosting its design and truly expressing it as a special possession for a family to own.

The narrative tales on the hand-painted illustration showcase the grandiose splendor of Russian culture. These illustrations include Ancient Roman and Hellenic images because of the Imperial Court’s interest in Neo-Classical trends.

As the Empire grew, the Imperial Factory gradually embraces the Russian school of porcelain craftsmanship, creating a series of porcelain figures and sculptures entitled “The Peoples of Russia” that inscribes the various nationalities, ethnicities, and personages of the Russian Empire.

So, from the information above, will you consider adding Lomonosov porcelain to complete your antique collections? Or you can just buy it as a real Russian souvenir of fancy beauty. Make sure you visit the factory in St. Petersburg for something absolutely amazing and satisfying in their Lomonosov porcelain collection.

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