Walking Around at Vernisazh Izmailovo; The Best Russian Handicraft Place to Survive

Hunting for souvenirs when visiting a place is often a mandatory activity that must be carried out by most people. This kind of activity is usually done to hunt for objects that become memories objects that will always remind us if we ever visit that place. Maybe you are one of those people who are […]

7 Russian Tradition Handicraft That Still Exist

Russia is known to have a lot of beautiful traditional handicrafts. Tourists who come to Russia intentionally buy these handicrafts for souvenirs when they will return to their home countries. These souvenirs will certainly remind them about Russia. Of the many kinds of traditional handicrafts in Russia, there are some that still exist today and […]

The Modern-Classy Russian Folk Art in 2019

There are a lot of forms of folk art such as paper tearing, embroidery, shadow play, and carving. Each practice used to be loved by royalty and common people alike back in ancient times. However, in today’s age, science and technology have sped up so fast that the world is all about change. People are […]