How to keep stylish like Russian women during winter time

People recognizes Russian woman with her dazzling beauty. Beautiful appearance, beautiful body and extraordinary personality. How their look be a reference for many women in the world. On the occasion, they always maintain their appearance including how to dress. Here we will discuss how to keep stylish like Russian women during winter time.

As we know, in Russia it has 4 seasons like other subtropics country. There are winter, Spring, summer, autumn. Here we will talk about the winter conditions in Russia. Winter starts in November – February, peaks in December and January. In St. Petersburg and Moscow in winter between -5 ° C to -9 ° C but can suddenly change to -30 ° C.

Very cold weather can cause hypothermia. So we have to make sure we wear thick clothes in winter. We must prepare thick clothes such as thick parkas or winter coats. Also prepare thick socks, boots, gloves, warm scarves and winter hats to keep the body temperature, so the skin does not freeze.

Then, how to keep stylish like Russian women during winter time, Russian women will prepare for this. It is not easy to adjust the fashion style in winter. Because for women they have to combine 2 benefits at once. Clothing should remain stylish and clothing should keep the body warm.

If you want to follow the style of Russian women, you should consider the following item. Prepare all you need. Indeed to appear fashionable you have to spend, but ituk be worthy you must adjust the use so that your appearance is more optimal. If you do not align it, it will make it unfavorable. The following is how to look stylish like Russian women during winter time.

1. Wear a fur coat

Surely you often see Russian women in the media or television wearing fur coats. They look very pretty. Even in extreme cold, this will not prevent Russian women from appearing graceful. One of the fashion that Russian women wear in winter is a fur coat. They wore coats that fit the waistlines.

In winter Russian women do not wear sports jackets. Fur coat is the main choice. Can also wear a wool coat. So in addition to keeping the body warm, a fur coat of the right size also gives the impression of elegance and elegance.

Many choices of coat models. Here that determines the stylish the mantle you are using. Choose a coat that fits your body. As for the purpose, if you want your coat to be more resistant to cold weather, choose one that is leather-based. If made of cloth, choose the hairy on both sides.

For leather material coats are more oxen, resistant to scratches, smells typical of the skin. For those made of cloth, from the side of the price is cheaper. But to keep stylish you choose the best.

2. Wear knee-high boots.

When you live in the tropics, the choice of shoes for women is very easy. Wide selection of high-heeled shoes, flat shoes, women’s casual shoes. And during the turn of the season it is not difficult. Some of these types of shoes can be worn at any time.

How about in Russia. Are you going to wear worn boot. For Russian women very carefully choose shoe model. And matching shoes in winter, one of them is knee-high boots.

You must very often see in movies or news, yes Russian woman is very elegant walking on the snowy road by wearing knee-high boots. This is the right choice, and Russian women wear knee-high boots.

3. Wear a feather pompom hat.

Choosing a hat many people have different selections. And pick a hat for women very much. What about the Russian women’s hat. To be able to support their fashion to become more stylish they chose to wear fur pompom hats.

Russian hat is used to keep the body temperature to remain stable. Even children are required to wear hats to avoid hypothermia. Russian women use hats for the same purpose. But they must make sure the hat is not not obsolete. They must choose the fashionable, so their appearance to be stylish.

For pom pom cap many models. You can adjust it to your style. More importantly, the color choices of hats. Natural, black or brown colors are quite good, not too flashy. But if you want bright colors choose bright colors.

4. Wear gloves and socks

After preparing the types of clothes, shoes, hats, do not forget next is the gloves and socks. Gloves can support the appearance of Russian women become more graceful. Wear gloves. Gloves are also to protect the hands and fingers in the cold weather.

For these gloves, wear warm and comfortable gloves. But adjusting the clothing theme if you have to wear a thin glove can also be an option. It’s just that thin cover does not provide maximum protection from the weather.

For socks, do not look at one eye for these socks, because even though they are not seen in appearance they must be worn. Although it only indirectly supports your fashion, but socks will make your move stable. Will be comfortable and confident. So that overall appearance will be better.

5. Wear a scarf

Besides wearing gloves and hats, Russian women also wore scarves. The use of a scarf on the neck can maintain body temperature. We need to know that the neck is very sensitive. In this section has thin skin, many blood capillaries pass through this area.

Wear a wool or fur scarf. If you use a cotton scarf, it will be less than optimal to provide protection from the weather. But for cotton fashion can be an option.

If you choose a scarf with many colors make sure it matches the overall color you use. There are several scarf models, make sure you choose the right one on your neck. This is very important.

How to wear a scarf is also an important part of appearance. You can use style with a bond, then describe it backwards. Can also end of the scarf wrapped and directed forward.

6. Small branded handbag

To support an elegant fashion, Russian women carry branded small bags on the go. Bags that are in accordance with the quality and from the side of the size are also right. Choose a model according to the theme of clothing worn. Because if the bag you carry does not match, will make the appearance less than the maximum.

The Russian woman looks beautiful with the appropriate suit suit plus a carrying bag in her hand. This becomes a separate assessment for banya people. So carrying the appropriate branded small bag can maintain a stylish style of Russian women.

Of the various options, the most important is to combine in use. You can’t use all together without knowing the theme or purpose. For example you can use basic clothes, then wear fur coats, boots, and hats. This is a Russian women’s general pattern.

We can also make a Russian Muslim dress code as reference. Currently the style of Muslim clothing in Russia is quite popular. Muslim fashion styles in Russia usually wear Main clothes with high neck, long skirt dresses. Muslim clothing model shrugs. And they use babushka. For winter added coats for outerwear.

This is how you can look like Russian women during winter time, you can follow what Russian women wear for winter. If all is appropriate it will make you look amazing.

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