6 Facts about Booking Trip on the Russian Trans

Express a propensity for train travel and the following inquiry would be, “Have you tried the Trans-Siberian?” It is the adventure everybody needs to do, maybe in light of the fact that it is ordinarily said to be the longest journey you can make on a single train: the longest of the three trans-Siberian courses, […]

All Facts About Uchan-Su Waterfall in Yalta 

Yalta‘s beautiful environment cover numerous marvels of nature. Their fixation per square meter rolls over limit, surpassing all imaginable and unimaginable norms. One of them is magnificent Uchan-Su waterfall situated on the southern slope of the wonderful Ai-Petri Mountain.  Its name implies flying water in Crimean Tatar. It is the most noteworthy waterfall in Crimea and also […]

What You Need To Know About Alexander Nevsky Cathedral In Novosibirsk

When you want to learn about the historical journey of a certain city or country, you can go and visit the museums, theatres, or even the cathedrals. There you can find many facts and information related to the events happened to a certain city or country. For example, when you are in Washington DC, The […]

5 Facts about Dormition Cathedral Moscow 

Russia has numerous holy destinations, yet none is more essential to the nation’s character than the brilliant domed Dormition (Uspensky) Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin. For quite a long time, this house of prayer was Russia’s most raised landmark — at the focal point of its history, its legislative issues, its way of life, and […]

How Many Churches Can You Find in Suzdal

 The metropolitan life maybe a big hit in big cities such as Moscow, and Saint Petersburg. There are so much to see and experience in the larger area. Whereas smaller city offers more specific attraction. Like there is good Reason Why Ivanovo Is Called The City Of Brides or why Suzdal is famous because of its […]

Scariest Facts about Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg 

The Mikhailovsky Castle is both an excellent and unordinary structural wonder for St. Petersburg and was a quiet observer to some fascinating scenes with regards to the emotional story of the brief rule of Emperor Paul I, child of Catherine the Great. Catherine toppled her better half Peter III to access the Russian Imperial royal position and […]

4 Surprising Facts About Ramon Palace in Voronezh 

In Russia, there is a small town called Ramon. The location is found just outside of Voronezh and is well known for the royal residence which was at one time the home of sovereigns of Oldenburg. They settled in Ramon Palace, Voronezh and wedded into the Russian royal family.  This palace can tell a lot […]

Do You Want To Get New Experiences About Automobiles In Russia? Let’s Visit Togliatti!

When we are talking about Russia, the first thing comes up in our mind is vodka. The word ‘Vodka” is the short version of “Voda”, a Slavic word which means water. This is a good description of how Russians drink vodka, they drink it like water. Russians enjoy vodka with many kinds of dishes, such […]

Why Krasnoyarsk Becomes the Economic and Cultural Center of Northern Caucasus

Krasnoyarsk is one of the largest cities in Russia. It is also the largest cultural, educational, economic and industrial center of Central and Eastern Siberia. Krasnoyarsk is unofficially called the capital of Siberia due to its important role for the region. We will go further to see why it has been Northern Caucasus’ center of […]

6 Reasons Why Ivanovo is called The City of Brides

City of Brides is a widespread unofficial name for the city of Ivanovo in Russia. It is used in colloquial speech, in the press, on the Internet. It is mainly distributed among residents of other cities of Russia. It is a registered trademark of a large Ivanovo food company, and is also used as a […]