7 Activities That Russians Do in Their Free Time

After reading Best Time to Visit Russia and Tips to Do Cheap Travelling to Russia (if you haven’t, check them out!), you might be considering a trip to Russia and planning for the best time of your life. Well then, to enjoy the full experience of what Russia is like, you will need to know what are the activities that Russians do in their free time. Not just visiting Mosques and the Catherine Palace, but spending time like how Russians do will give you a thrilling experience and cultural knowledge unlike any other.


Thus, without further ado, here are the 7 activities that Russians do in their free time:

1. Camping

Outdoor recreation is always refreshing. Teenagers are getting invested in the camping and backpacking culture and this activity has been a popular way to past time. Russia is filled with beautiful lakes and rivers so camping is certainly an enjoyable hobby. Whether it’s with friends or families, there are many activities you can do while camping such as boat or canoes, BBQ, cooking, baking potatoes, singing or dancing around the campfire, and many more. However, do take note that not every place is allowed for camping. Some areas are restricted so caution is advised. (Tourists may consult with their travel agents if they wish to camp)

2. Playing Sports

One of the good pastime for many Russian are going to the local field and playing some ball. Not just fun and exhilarating, playing sports also give physical and health benefits. Some of the most played sports in Russia are ice hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, figure skating, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and skiing. Healthy lifestyles are the trend nowadays and some might prefer going to the gym/fitness centers instead. Whether it’s to the gym or to the field though, the moment will be enjoyable nevertheless.

3. Going to the Park

A leisurely stroll in the park sounds like the perfect plan regardless of the season. Picnics, jogging, or just enjoying the view- the park is a leisurely place that everyone of any age likes.  There are often many interesting events held at the park as well like street exhibitions and yoga classes, so checking them out is recommended.

4. Dacha (Country House)

There is a long cultural history behind the Russian dacha.  Dacha is a small house located in the countryside with a garden growing fruits or vegetables. Weekends and summer vacations are often spent in these country houses with families, growing potatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries together. Most Russians have a full time job in the city and on weekends, they drive to their dachas and tend their gardens. Taking care of crops is no easy feat and to foreigners, this might seem very tiring. Yet, dachas have been part of a long tradition and has become a way of life. Russians do not just spend all their time working on their garden though. They can invite people over, like friends and family, to do some sports, eat some fruits, and even BBQ. So dachas aren’t just all work, they can be a place to have fun and relax too.

5. Fishing

Whether it’s summer or winter, fishing is a popular entertainment for Russians and in certain parts of Russia, tourist fishing is increasing as well. Amazing fishing adventures towards various regions of Russia can be arranged and there are even guides for trophy hot spots in Russia. Using a rod, spinning, and catch, you can hook up great fishes all within your controlled budget.

6. Visiting Friends and Family

Free time means de-stress time and nothing is more relaxing that spending time with your family and friends. Homemade meals and heart to heart talks are the core of relaxation and ease. By staying overnight at a friend’s house, you can also enjoy a fun night of card games and wholesome moments. Even without an overnight stay, a friendly meeting can be arranged at a family restaurant or café and the enjoyment will not be any lesser.

7. Cultural and Artistic Entertainment

Cultural and artistic entertainment here includes going to concerts, art exhibitions, museums, musical plays, or simply a modern day party or club. Russians respect their culture and does their very best to preserve it. That’s why, it’s no surprise that the artistic part of their culture is very well kept and learned by the younger generations.

If art is within your field of interest, here are some of the most famous art museums in Russia:

  • Moscow Museum of Modern Art
  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Russian Museum
  • State Hermitage.

Meanwhile, when it comes to musical plays, there are many that just have to be checked out. From outstanding theaters to Russian classical plays like the Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, the cultural side of Russia leaves you wanting more and more.

Thus, these are the 7 activities that Russians do in their free time. Most of these activities are available to tourists as well so you may add them to you bucket list when planning your trip. If you’re interested in learning more about the Russian culture, try reading up the History of Muslim Culture in Russia. All in all, we wish you a pleasant time in Russia.

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