13 Vegetables That Only Grows In Russia

porcini mushroomThe facts about Russian Geography explain that the lain is fertile with vast land and numerous climates. Moreover, extreme weather makes the Russian accustomed to growing their own food in summer and enjoy them through winter. The growing Wonderful Facts Of Russian Agriculture depicts the country intention.

There are various kinds of fruits and vegetable that only grow in Russia. Therefore, the local restaurants embrace a philosophy of supporting local agriculture by incorporating them in their seasonal menus. There are Vegetables That Grows Widely In Russia enrich Russian table seasonal.

1. Porcini mushrooms

белый гриб or Porcini Mushroom is widely grown in Russia and even become a part of Russian tradition. Mushroom picking is a skill that Russian master since childhood and one of the favorite activities in the countryside. Any Russian can distinguish at least 15 edible mushrooms in the forest and able to avoid the poisoned ones. Mushroom is one of Well Known Foods That Were Produced In Russia. Mushrooms are nutritious, tasty and one can preserve them long for winter either by drying or by marinating or salting.

2. Chanterelles

Another famous mushroom types that are widely eaten by Russian. It goes well with eggs, curry, chicken, fish, beef, and veal. Moreover, it is a great topping on pizzas, be stewed, marinated, sauteed, or filling for stuffed crêpes. Therefore, you can expect Russian Staple Foods That You Can Eat in one of your dinner tables.

3. Rosehip

The red or orange seed part of the rose plant. The seed doesn’t look particularly edible, but it is. It can be used together to make medicine, but it can be also used in cooking. The vegetable that only grows in Russia has a high content of vitamin C.  Moreover, it can boost the immune system of the body before the cold Russian winters. As the best season for rose hip is the end of August-September, a great addition to Most Popular Autumn Food In Rusia before the first colds come in.

4. Sea buckthorns

Russian chemists consider the popular vegetable has a high concentration of “happiness hormone” that contains lots of serotonin. Furthermore, it has more serotonin a thousand times more than bananas or chocolate. This vegetable that only grows in Russia is a nice addition to any cuisine. Moreover, the rich healthy taste is a great Simple Steps Of Learning Russian Cuisine Suitable For Beginners.

5. Cowberry

Another wonderberry to add to the list of vegetable that only grows in Russia. Cowberry is a popular home remedy for, colds and infections due to its antiseptic properties. Moreover, cowberry beverages are often recommended by Russian doctors. Fresh cowberries can also keep well in a fridge as addition to a cup of tea with mint and cowberry.

6. Murashka

The Russian cucumber has a unique shape and textures. The original Russian Cucumber is beautiful in appearance, good taste and has a high yield. It is ideal for pickling or for eating fresh from the tree. Russian love to have a feast during their Summer or Winter Festival In Russia or any celebration when the season change. It is the best time to enjoy various vegetables that only grows in Russia at a certain time.

7. Quince

Aromatnaya quince is easy to cultivate and exceptional. Moreover, it offers attractive blooms in addition to its very heavy bearer. This small tree from Russia begins with large white blooms, followed by huge, waxy, highly fragrant yellow with a sweet citrus aroma. Furthermore, it is one of the most disease-resistant Russian Quinces entirely self-fertile and no needing no pollinator to set fruit.

8. Flaxseed

Flaxseed is widely available and can be found for a very fair price like many exotic Russian superfoods. Flax is a great addition to meals due to its high content fiber in a spoonful in porridge, cereal or salad. It is a truly great addition to taste in Russia that is both healthy and also can help you lose weight. Moreover, flaxseed is a great source of healthy fats, such as omega-3 and omega-6. Therefore, it is a great material for cleansing the body of toxins and helping the digestive system.

9. Turnip

The aboriginal Russian vegetable that played the principal part on the Russian table. The “plain tastes” highlight other ingredients in Russian food. Furthermore, turnip is in almost Most Popular Cuisine In Moscow Russia. Turnip grows everywhere and one of the vegetables widely available in Russia for centuries. Moreover, during tsarist times it was, in fact, the most common vegetable on the table, as it was easy to grow. It is rich with vitamins, such as A, C, and K. Turnips is deliciously baked, braised or even boiled.

10. Beet

The Russian cabbage is famous during X-XI centuries. Firstly only beet tops were used for food, but beetroots were tastier and richer. Beet is also super healthy and the main ingredient in Russian staple foods that anyone can try to enjoy.  It is good to avoid any diseases, from a headache to the heart disease. Moreover, beet tops are available from the early spring to the autumn. Furthermore, beets are included in Russian comfort that is very hard to resist.

11. Sauerkraut

The Russian superfood is packed with vitamin C, U, and other vitamins. This vitamin is great for the digestive system and aids for stomach ulcers. Moreover, the Russian sour cabbage is also packed with iodine that can prevents the development of cancer.

12. Farro

A whole grain vegetable that only grows in Russia with texture resembles quinoa. Moreover, it is richer with fiber and protein than any of the less healthy alternatives. Therefore, farro is good for digestion and for cardiovascular health. Moreover, consuming this vegetable also among the healthy diet that Russian woman is familiar with. It is one hack that you can totally copy. Farro has become a common ingredient in bread, porridges, soups cuisines, and is a healthy choice of side dish.

13. Buckthorn

Buckthorn grows well over Russia and a great ingredient in as a common vegetable grows in the Siberian area. it is packed with all the goodness you’d expect of a superfood. This vegetable is rich with vitamins and lots of antioxidants as sources even suggest that buckthorn contains almost every vitamin known to science.

Vegetables grow abundance during winter and summer time. Although Russian Contemporary Food In Russia and also Russian Cuisine That You Probably won’t Try is rich with meat, vegetable dishes is a good balance. There is a touch of greens in almost every dish.

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