8 Most Popular Halal Restaurant in Moscow

When a Muslim visiting abroad must consider how to eat in another country. Especially if Muslims visit the European countries, whose Muslim population is minority. But do not let this make you do not want to visit the other countries. In Russia, especially in Moscow, it is quite easy to find a restaurant that serves halal foods for Muslims. As we know, Islam is the second largest religion after christianity in Russia. Even halal food in russia is growing nowadays. The increasing number of Muslim tourists, then halal restaurant in Moscow more guaranteed success. See also most popular drinks in Moscow during Ramadan

1. Bardak

BardakThis restaurant is a turkish restaurant. Provides turkish cuisine and other middle eastern cuisine. Halal cuisine provided at this restaurant is not too expensive. But the cuisine of this restaurant is undoubtedly delicious.

Bardak restaurant is open from 12 noon to 11 pm. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, and even eat late at this restaurant.

Although referred to as a kosher restaurant, bardak apparently provides alcohol as well. So you can visit this restaurant with anyone, not even with Muslims too. Because they are non-Muslims can enjoy alcohol in this restaurant.

2. Mr. Livanets

Mr. LivanetsThis restaurant is Lebanese themed, middle east. If you are a vegetarian, this restaurant will be perfect for you. This restaurant provides many menus for vegetarians.

Open from 12 noon to 2 am, this restaurant serves a menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. You can visit this restaurant with children, for business meetings or special events. This restaurant is also suitable to visit with your partner, because the place is quite romantic nuances. But when you visit with your friends, this restaurant also presents the excitement.

3. Dyushes

DyushesWith a fairly wide area, this restaurant provides many facilities. Such as a large parking lot and outdoor dining. Dyushes looks very friendly during theday. But it feels elegant and quiet at night.

You do not need to run out of places if coming to this restaurant because the place provided quite wide. There are several indoor dining venues that feature a variety of themes. With a pastel-colored sofa, you will feel comfortable and calm while enjoying your dinner.

In addition, in the other room is given a very russian theme, a variety of ornaments and images that reflect Russian you can enjoy while eating your food. If your friend is a party person, this restaurant also provides a bar. So it is possible to visit this restaurant with your non-Muslim friends.

4. Gandhara

GandharaIf you enter this restaurant, you will find a classic luxurty atmosphere in it. This restaurant provides many menus of middle east, Pakistan, India, and so forth.

Restaurants  that provides halal food are always suitable for vegetarian. With a classic and quiet atmosphere, this restaurant is perfect for meeting and other official meetings.

But if you come with your partner, this restaurant also provides a romantic atmosphere. Read also meal time etiquette in Russia

4. Chaikhana Shurpa

Chaikhana ShurpaAs the name implies, this restaurant provides a special menu of Shurpa (lamb). This restaurant has a cheerful atmosphere. So it is suitable to relax with family, especially families with children.

Russia is famous for its unique and ancient calligraphic drawings. The pictures are reflected in almost all the furniture in this restaurant. For example on the sofa and pillows, wall displays, tables, and accessories such as marble statues.

However, the unique Russian-style pictures in this restaurant take bright colors. Therefore Chaikana Shurpa provides a very suitable atmosphere for children

5. Farsi

FarsiFarsi is one of the luxurious styled restaurants in Moscow. The roof of this restaurant is decorated with very luxurious lights, typical of classical europe.

A bright and elegant atmosphere you can feel while enjoying your dinner at this restaurant.

Farsi provides a middle eastern menu, persian cuisine, up to vegetarians. If you are looking for a formal dining venue, eg for meetings, Farsi is a very suitable place.

6. Jerry Wings

Jerry WingsWell, finally there is a kosher fast food restaurant in Moscow. Jerry wings, a restaurant that provides halal hamburgers for Muslim tourists who visit Moscow. If you do not want to linger over waiting to eat your meal, Jerry wings is the best choice.

Different from the previous restaurant, Jerry Wings provides international menus coming from the US.

But do not worry, the food provided this restaurant including halal food category. They serve common food such as hamburgers, fries, and fried chicken. You may read also dining etiquette in Russia 

7. Chef Steak & Bar

Chef Steak&BarThis restaurant is a haven for those of you meat lovers. A variety of meats are provided at Chef Steak & Bar restaurant. Make sure you choose meat from animals that Muslims can consume.

Although the price offered is slightly more expensive, but this restaurant is famous for its excellent meat dishes.

The meat restaurant design is like an American-style restaurant in general. The russian accent is not very prominent, very different from Chaikhana Shurpa. Therefore this restaurant is perfect for relaxing with your colleagues or close friends.

8. Tajj Mahal

Tajj MahalIf seen from its name, you would definitely imagine this restaurant is very Indian. The restaurant named Tajj Mahal is indeed serving a typical menu of india. But it also provides many menus typical of eastern europe.
But do not worry, you will still find halal food in this restaurant. Although it is called Tajj Mahal, but the decor of this restaurant is very european. The chairs used are the seats of the old European model.
That’s all some most popular halal restaurant in Moscow. There many others halal restaurant in this city. So if you going to visit Moscow, you no need to worry about halal foods. See also most popular foods in St. Petersburg during Ramadan and most popular foods in Moscow during Ramadan

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