8 Comfortable and Must visited and Coffee Shops in Russia

Are you a coffee lover? Are you travelling to Moscow or Saint Petersburg and know nothing about good coffee shops to go to? Don’t worry, you are at the right place right now.

Below are 8 must visited and comfortable coffee shops in Russia that may satisfy your appetite of a good coffee.

1. Shokoladnista

What do you think when the first time reading the name? Chocolate, right? The place is famous for its marvelous pancakes with chocolate. However, it doesn’t mean that the place does not sell coffee either. After its success with chocolate, they add more menu to the list.

That includes coffee. Due to the legendary chocolate, their coffee is quite unique. You will have chocolate after-taste and dried fruit aroma following the first sip of the coffee. Moreover, you can have any kinds of coffee, such as traditional or Columbia coffee.

2. Coffeemania

If you want to taste a high quality coffee inside a high-class coffee shop, this place will suit you. In addition to giving you a good atmosphere with luxurious interiors, they have quite expensive coffee. This is because the employees select, fry and brew the coffee on their own. This makes the coffee has consistency in term of taste. Moreover, they have baristas who has obtained so many professional awards. Thus, it is reasonable to pay a little bit more expensive for such rare consistency and exceptional service.

In such cozy place, they have classic cappuccino, lungo, latte and others or gourmet coffee cocktails, like “Cappuccino Cream” or “Flat White.” They also have some meals to accompany your coffee selection, like salads, sandwiches, soups, hot and cold appetizers, omelettes and porridge, hot dishes and pastas. Also read most famous restaurants visited by tourists in Moscow.

3. Double B

Still in Moscow, Double B is one of the most ambitious coffee shops. The employees go to African and Latin American countries themselves to select beans. In preparing the drinks, baristas follow exquisite recipe. It has classic espresso-based cappuccino, latte or ristretto. There are also latte with syrups, “Coffee wind” espresso with hazelnut mousse, raf coffee with cream and vanilla sugar, with lavender, sage or citrus.

However, there is no meal. In addition to offering coffee, they have tea. Moreover, they also have stores. There you can buy beans, tea, as well as devices for brewing coffee and sets for tea parties. Also read most popular drinks in Moscow during Ramadan.

4. Bolshe Coffee

Although it was hard to find one in the city, now in Saint Petersburg, you can also find some good coffee shops. It was all started with Nickolay Yalanskiy and Nickolay Gotko seeing coffee as their must-do project.

Now, many people go to the shop. It has handmade interior that makes you go back to Tsarist era. Moreover, they roast the beans. Just to make sure that the taste is consistent.



5. City Coffee

In 2011, the founders of Saint Petersburg Coffee and Tea Institute found the place. They want to turn theory they share into practice. Just few years later, the coffee shop has had three spots. The secret of their fast development is they never stop.

They keep developing new recipes that work. This makes them having their own signature espresso blends, like the Rio de Oro blend. It tastes like a flavor bomb of tangerine, chocolate, and prunes with a beautiful thick body. They also have single-origin coffees, like Kenya Kabiruini, Ethiopia Chelba, Colombia Huila Palestina and Panama Geisha Los Laines.

6. Espresso Bike

The place is now a full-fledged cafe. However, it used to be coffee bar. Founder Dmitriy Pavlenko tries leveling coffee quality seriously. He uses quality beans from two excellent Russian coffee roasters. For brew methods, he chooses coffee bars micro-roastery in Krasnodar.

There are Kenya Karinga, Colombia Finca Inmaculada, and Ethiopia Worka in the list of menu. Also read most popular drinks in St. Petersburg during Ramadan fasting.

7. Coffee 22

Coffee shop and good music is a good combination. The owner of the place really knows this. That’s why a vinyl turntable setup that sings out the hippest song. There are also the city’s best DJs who frequently hype the place.

Regarding the coffee, they have raw green beans from Sweden’s Johan & Nyström. Roasting is performed by Coffee Owl in Russia. They have classic and signature drinks in the menu.

They make classic Costa Rica Red Honey espresso and turn it out to be a Honey Porter signature drink. Both contain the same ingredients, which are coffee porter and handmade raspberry and pear syrups.

8. Schastye

The word means “happiness.” You will definitely be happy just by entering the shop. This place is one of coffee shops that offers a good atmosphere, not to mention the bright room. In addition to offering coffee, they have a selection of signature postcards. You can send a lovely message on it to your beloved one via “Happiness Mail.” There is also a “Happiness Shop.”

There you can buy variety of desserts and treats. Although they have so many menus, quality coffee is not lost in this place. They even have signature drink for summer which is summer lemonade. The drink is made of one espresso shot, egg whites, fresh orange juice, homemade caramel, and cinnamon syrup. Also read popular restaurants visited by tourists in Saint Petersburg.

Those are 8 must visited and comfortable coffee shops in Russia. You should also read best cafes in Russia for youngsters.

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