How to Keep Russia’s Railways Moving during Winter Time

The seasons can definitely affect any vehicle frameworks and its foundation, which — by expansion — influence day by day lives. By a wide margin, the most dangerous climate conditions descent in winter and this is particularly valid for northern Europe and Russia. In this article, we will reveal the yearly housekeeping exercises that help […]

Pick These Things Up on Your Pocket to Celebrate the Russian New Year!

Welcoming the new year is a time when everyone is happy because they can gather with their family or closest friends. They will prepare as much as possible about all events or similar things that they will hold. It doesn’t matter what the example is. Each country has its own preparations to celebrate the New […]

Odd Things That Can Be Found Only in Russian Tourists’ Bag

When we want to travel far, of course there are some things we will always carry. Whether it’s our favorite items or items that we feel we should “carry” with us when traveling far away, especially overseas. Every tourist must have their own habits. Sometimes, the things we think are reasonable to carry may be […]

4 Reasons Why Kremlin Clock Becomes Russian New Year Symbol

Russian individuals usually have day-offs from January 1st to January 2nd for New Year and January 7th for Christmas. However, it was very hard to be in the state of mind for work between these two occasions. A few years ago, prior Russian authorities decided to join a few significant occasions in one extended holiday […]

8 Hippest Suburbs of Moscow Where You Can Live In

In the current economic situation, people often have a choice – where is it better to live – in a small apartment within the Moscow Ring Road or in a spacious apartment near Moscow. Especially families with children often think about this. The developers are well aware of this and are actively building up satellite […]

7 Trendiest Moscow Neighborhoods in 2019

Just like most big cities in the world, Moscow welcomes a lot of new people on regular basis. Being a capital where the business bustles, colleges and universities are counted as some of the best in the world, fashion sparks; Moscow is always open for them who intend to move in to the city. Some […]

5 Things to Do in Moscow in December

Those who do not want to stray from the solace of a warm climate will pass up all that Moscow brings to the table throughout the winter. The ornamental and memorable city becomes animated when the temperatures plunge to below freezing and the snow begins falling on the street. Not at all like different urban […]

9 Things You Should Do in Russia Before 2019 Over

Russia, the biggest country on the planet, has become a hotspot for visitors over the most recent couple of decades. The dynamic history and culture have an assorted variety of appeals to individuals from everywhere throughout the world while likewise guaranteeing that there are incredible top activities in Russia you should do before 2019 is […]

Rearrange Your House Design by “Cheating” on House-Museum of Isaac Levitan, Plyos

In designing a house, of course we will look for information about the best home design so that our house looks attractive. Especially if you want to rearrange your home design. You should look for some designs that will probably match the home design you want. There are lots of inspiration concepts or designs to […]

Russian vs Soviet New Year Tree Decoration; What Are the Differences? 

Russian vs Soviet New Year Tree decoration; what are the difference? In Russia, the festive fir referred to the world as the Christmas tree passes by another name: The New Year Yolka. The history behind this convention incorporates pagan ceremonies, tsars and tsarinas, and the Soviet enemy of anti-religious propaganda.  In this article, we will learn […]