How To Do Clever Shopping in Moscow, Russia

shopping in moscowThe city offers more than unique magnificent architecture and a fascinating lively nightlife! Moscow surprisingly serves a wide range of shopping sprees and Russian streetwear is such inspirational, visitors can experience it with their own eyes! The facts will very much take you by off guard.  The affordable items do not apply for everything, that would be unrealistic. You need to do clever shopping in Moscow to really score a huge deal.

Shopping thrifty means to always check out the currency before doing any money on items. Ruble price had fluctuated in the past which makes is the biggest influence on how to do clever shopping in Moscow. Nevertheless, to be truthfully clever there are other factors less unpredictable that can be guaranteed a successful clever shopping. Here are some tips to save even more money.

Tips on How to do clever shopping

1. Use tax-free

Except countries enlisted in the Eurasian Economic Union, visitors eligible for a tax-free shopping in Russia, starting from 2018. The claims to have this tax free is spends 10,000 rubles in one shop in a day. The great amount will need to spends wisely in the right shops. The tax-free points available in airports in Sochi, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. Use this fact wisely.

2. Follow seasonal sales

Nothing like a huge extra discount to drastically reduce the nominal that you are actually paying. Russian seasons resulting in the fast changes of the entire collection representing a certain season. Traveling to Russia during the low season, where the school is starting and the flood of summer visitors went home. It can be guaranteed in this time of the season, there are discount and sales are everywhere.

Season change and old stock are up for sale at amazing prices. The certain date such as March 8, May 1, and June 12 is the predictable schedule for most shops to hold their sales. This happens due to the fact starting date for the national holiday. So marks those dates and match your travel time.

Discount skyrocket up to 70 – 80 percent at the end of December and at the end of June. This two period of time malls and shopping center is packed with locals or seasonal shopper taking full advantage of the season end sale. In this time the clever shopping thing to do is don’t overspending and buy something that you can’t really use just because the prize is insanely almost free.

3. Online Shopping

Go online is another choice of shopping in Russia. The platform such as Ozon or Yandex is Russian own e-commerce platform that gives ideas of that Russian into for shopping. You can also compare prices and really great deal without leaving the comfort of your room. It is also a good way to window shop and pampers your eyes before spending any money.

4. Clever shopping in outlets

Yes, outlets are not always expensive. There is always sale in a shop somewhere in Moscow. You just need to know where to find them and window shop around it before you decided to make any purchase. Yes, prize comparisons are avoidable, but if you a true fans of a certain brand. If the items fit, a slide of discount makes a great deal.

Outlets can be found around the city center. The center of all shopping spree is Leninsky Prospect metro station (Ordjonikidze street, 11) a melting pot various famous stores like Guess, Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Karen Millen. Their collections include clothes, shoes, luggage, sports goods, household items, cosmetics and so on.

Big discount center available close to the city center is Prospect Mira metro station situated in the Olympiysky sports complex. A further choice located just across the city line is Belaya Dacha Village. This europian style architectural mall does not look like your typical shopping center. The place is a series of the antique small house with the main square, replicate a miniature city with cobbled streets and bright lively houses. Don’t let the display fool you, a complete iconic brand such as Accessorize, Furla, La Perla, Marella and even Levi’s can be found among these mini shops.

A more luxurious famous store is located across the Bolshoi Theater. TSUM malls represent some prestigious brands with outlets that frequently hols discount and sales in certain time. You know you nail the perfect clever shopping if you manage to purchase a 70 percent discount on luxurious items.

Other supermalls where you can find insanely huge discount include Vnukovo Outlet Village with famous outlets includes  Hugo Boss, Vans, Motivi, Benetton and Lee. They even provide Online service that will save those blistered and time to do score a good shopping.

5. Russian fashion brands

Why not have a peek on what modern young Russian designers have to offers?  Russian clothing line has developed massively in the last years. Russian designer commonly chooses a different direction to compare to the famous brand. There is definitely a market for it. If any luck you will find items very Russian that fit your taste. Not to mention the affordable price compared to major brands.

6. Second Hands Store

Shopping in a second-hand store is a place where you need put on your clever shopping mode the most. It is mainly other people clothes, so if you can be Ok with that fact. There are many second hands store pooping on permanent places or famous street. You can find 1 dollar Levi’s jean if you are willing to do the treasure hunting. This place attracts a certain demand which undoubtedly has a high market.

Firstly, the artist that look for unique items that complement your outfit. Secondly, low budget family not surprisingly take advantage of the close to nothing price. Finally, the low budget traveler  that wish to try their luck on Russian outfit. There is not much of these store in Moscow. Small stores can be found in on Chistye Prudy station, on Dinamo, and on Mayakovskaya.

7. Stores near metros

Outdoor markets popular in Moscow metros that offers various affordable souvenirs, clothes, fresh vegetables and you can even try Moscow popular food. You can experience a laid-back shopping with a subtle atmosphere. These stores can be found in the Kolomenskoe Yamaoka, a small outdoor market near Kolomenskoe metro station. Another store located in Savyolovskaya metro station, the  Savyonok Yamaoka a large market offers from souvenirs to cafés.

That is all the tips we can give you on how to do clever shopping in Moscow Russia. You can even try these tips even before you go to Moscow. Check out everything by Google and see if the facts true as it is. Have a great trip to Moscow and enhance them by doing preparation to boost your confidence in roaming the city and experience all the joy it offers.

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