8 Cities in Russia With Highest Average Salary

salaryFor everyone planning to move to Russia, they will need to find a job there. Besides the cost of living, average income is also an important deciding factor when choosing a city to reside. Income indicates how developed a city is in term of economy. And it’s also a good indicator of how well companies pay their employee salary.

There are many cities Russia. It is no secret that since how vast Russia is, the economic development varies greatly between one region to another. Russia is an industrial country with its main industry is petroleum. Automatically, cities with oil industry boast higher income than cities without oil.

Big cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg benefits by its metropolitan status. Apart from manufacturing or mining, service industries thrive, as well as retail and lifestyles. Retail business such as shopping malls, helps drive the city’s economy. Moscow and St Petersburg are at the top of the list when it comes to 8 cities in Russia with the highest average salary.

Our rank about 8 cities in Russia with the highest average salary is based on the monthly income data gathered in 2017. We also highlight the economic situation in every city to give insight about what kind of work you can seek in Russia.

In general, the Russian economy depends greatly on the oil and gas industries. Agriculture is the second most important contributor. The aerospace industry is also thriving in Russia. Russia is a famous producer or airplanes, helicopters, space rockets, and other aerospace engineering product. In recent years, the economy expands more to finance, service and consumer retail. Foreign investments lead to many new industries, especially in information technology. Cities like Kazan has built a large science center called IT Park because of this investment.

However, to decide where to stay in Russia, many situations need to be considered thoughtfully. Russia has many best city to live in. But there are other things to consider such as language, culture, and Russian weather.

1. Moscow

₽ 61,566.42 (2017) or US$ 938.89

Moscow is the capital Russia. It is also the center of Business, commerce, and finance in the country. Moscow has ₽ 61,566.42 monthly income, which is twice the national average, ₽34,000. It makes it the top of 8 cities in Russia with the highest average salary. Moscow also has the lowest employment rate of all-region in Russia.

Moscow is the home of the largest bank in Russia. The biggest oil company also has their headquarter here. For the quality of living, the old city has quite a high cost of living. Although, this is comparable considering the salary workers receive every month. The purchasing power of Moscow residents is also the highest compared to the rest of Russia.

2. St Petersburg

₽ 41,283.33 (2017) or US$629.57

St Petersburg is an important trade center. Located in the bank of Neva River, over Finland gulf, St Petersburg is a major gateway for Russia export and import. The Neva river provides an interconnected system of seaports, connecting outside world to the rest of Russia. St Petersburg main industries are oil and gas, shipbuilding, and aerospace industry.

In total, St Petersburg economy is the fourth largest of all Russia. St. Petersburg is only topped by Moscow, Tyumen, and The Moscow Region. But the average monthly income here is the second highest in all Russia at ₽ 41,283.33. This city is the one to choose according to its average salary.

3. Tyumen

₽ 41,116 (2017) or US$627.02

Tyumen is one of the cities in Russia rich for its oil and gas industry. The city is located on Tura River, and it’s among the first Russian Settlement in Siberia. Formerly a military outpost, the city has evolved into a major city in industry and economy. The average monthly income in Tyumen is ₽ 41,116, among the top three in Russia.

4. Yekaterinburg

₽ 35,155.67 (2017) or US$536.12

Yekaterinburg is among the 600 cities in the world that produce 60% of the world’s GDP. Its main economy was driven by industry in the Soviet era. But now Yekaterinburg is a large financial and business center in Russia. The financial market thrives here, as companies from aboard having their representative offices in Yekaterinburg.

With the average salary of ₽ 35,155.67 (2017) per month, Yekaterinburg is attractive to people who want to live and work in the city. The city also has among the highest quality of living of all Russia. Retail service and consumer market are also one of the biggest contributors in the economy. The unemployment rate is low at 0,83 % in 2015.

5. Vladivostok

₽ 33,259.50 (2017) or US$507.21

Vladivostok is an important city serving as a major gateway especially with countries in the far east. Its location is close to Japan and China, making it an important hub for trades between these three countries. Vladivostok’s main industry are fishing, export and import, and industries, especially on automobiles. Vladivostok’s average income is ₽ 33,259.50 per month.

6. Krasnodar

₽ 32,201.92 (2017) or US$506.33

Forbes magazine called Krasnodar as the best city for business in Russia. It is an important economic center, especially in southern Russia. Unlike other top cities which mainly rely on the oil industry or finance, Krasnodar excels for its agricultural and food industry. Agriculture and food industry in Krasnodar makes up 42% of Krasnodar’s total industries.

The retail economy in Krasnodar also contributes significantly to Krasnodar’s total economy. Krasnodar has a high number of shopping malls. Unemployment in Krasnodar is also very low at 0,3%. Average monthly salary in Krasnodar is ₽ 32,201.92 in 2017.

7. Kazan

₽ 32,114.42 (2017) or US$489.74

Kazan’s industry is mainly centered around manufacturing and chemical. The city is also an important center for finance business. The city boasts a high quality of living. And recently it expands more its tourism economy.

Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan Republic. Its stable political situation attracts significant investment to the city. In 2017, the average income is ₽ 32,114.42. The city is ranked among the top cities in Russia to work and do business.

8. Rostov-on-Don

₽ 27,558.58 (2017) or US$420.27

Rostov-on-Don’s geographical location makes the city an important economic hub in Russia. Rostov-on-Don’s port and canal connect Russia’s inland to five seas: Baltic, Caspian Sea, white sea, Azov and the Black Sea. Besides cargo industry and trading, Rostov-on-Don also an important agricultural center in Russia.

So, those are the 8 cities in Russia with highest average salary. Compared to other western countries, especially in European, the average salary is a lot lower. But this is still in line with the quality of life and living cost in each city. Now it’s your decision whether you want to live and work in Russia.

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