Top 10 Cities in Russia to Live In (worth to know!)

rostov on donEver thinking of moving or studying abroad to Russia? Why not? Russia is a beautiful country with a long history. It is also a country with advanced quality of living. Not to mention nature, Russia will also enthrall you with its beautiful and vast landscape.

But before moving (or just visiting), make sure you have enough knowledge about Russia. For example, Russia is located in the northern area, so it has harsh winters. You have to make some preparation if you don’t want to freeze to death.

Another thing you have to prepare is, of course, Russian Language. You have to be able to speak at least basic good Russian for the first few months. There are many ways to start your Russian Language course. But first, you can start with an easy way to learn Russian.

Here we list top 10 cities in Russia to live in. They are ranked based on several things: Population, public facilities, quality of living. We also consider higher education too here. It hopefully will be helpful for anyone planning to study in Russia.

1. Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia one of the big metropolitans in all Europe. The population is around 12 million. That’s including central Moscow and its surrounding urban area. The city is the center of economy, commerce, business, and also culture. It’s certainly number one among the top 10 cities in Russia to live in.

Public facilities are modern and advanced. Sheremetyevo International Airport welcomes million of passengers from all around the world. The famous Moscow metro connects millions of commuters to any points of the cities every day. Bus line system connects the remaining residential area. Other public transports including monorail and tram.

But prepare some money if you want to live here. Cost of living is ranked as 9th most expensive in the world. The city has top universities among Russia, like Moscow State University and Russian Academy of Sciences. Another thing to consider, if you lived here you’d be able to go to Red Square many times!

2. St. Petersburg

The second largest city in Russia St Petersburg was once the capital of Russia now it’s a thriving Metropolis with a population around 6 million. Saint Petersburg located on Baltic Sea so it’s an easy access to many parts of Europe. The city boasts longstanding history and significance, especially in art and literature. It has a modern transportation system and has a lot of public parks.

St. Petersburg was the center of culture and education during Russia’s golden era, and it continues until today.
Universities here offer the best education for its students. The biggest and the most popular is Saint Petersburg State University. The university has 32000 students enrolled. Other popular higher education institutions including Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University and Institute of International Economic Relations, Economics, and Law.

3. Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg has been through rapid growth and development in the past few years. The city is now one of the most significant economic centers in Russia. But the living cost is average among all of Russia. This is why you should consider this city among the top 10 cities in Russia to live in.

The unemployment rate is very low at 0,59%. Public transports are available in all means, from metro to busses to traditional tram. Yekaterinburg universities are among the best in Russia. The most prestigious are including Ural State University and Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts.

4. Kazan

Kazan is one of the cities that has rising popularity due to World Cup 2018. But the city is significant since long before that. It labels itself as the third capital of Russia. The city is known as culture, education, sport, and religious center in Russia. There are so many things to do in Kazan.

Kazan Federal University is the most prominent universities in the area. It is also the third oldest universities in Russia, after Moscow State University and St Petersburg State University. Kazan also a center of sport in Russia. If you live here, chances you will go to some of the competitions held in the city, from football to ice hockey.

5. Nizhny Novgorod

If you want to live in a more traditional setting with awesome Russian rustic vibe, you should consider Nizhny Novgorod. The city stands on the intersection of Volga River and Oka River. Old buildings dominate most of the city landscape. The Kremlin can be seen standing on the meeting point between the two rivers.

The city can be a good choice for anyone seeking a balance between big city and a calm small town. Nizhny Novgorod only has 1,2 million population. It is a city suited for culture and art enthusiast. Museums, theaters, and churches are abundant to explore.

6. Novosibirsk

The third most populous city in Russia, Novosibirsk has a population reaching almost 6 million inhabitants. Large industrial center dominates its economy. There is 240 industrial complex in total. The industry ranging from textile, machinery, to metallurgy. Novosibirsk also has well-equipped transport system. It is an important stop for the Trans-Siberian Railway system.

7. Vladivostok

Take a break from the western and central part of Russia. Vladivostok located in the far east, on the border of China, Japan, and North Korea. The city is famous for its shipping industry, as well as the fishing industry and naval base. The city is also crucial in the automobile economy, especially regarding Japanese cars.

8. Omsk

Omsk is one of the most prominent cities in western Siberia. The population is 1,4 million, only second to Novosibirsk. Like Novosibirsk, it is also an important hub for the Trans-Siberian Railway. Apart from being a major hub for the economy, Omsk is also a center for culture and education. It has quite an amount of museums, universities, music venues. If you want to choose a university here, among the choices are Law and Economics Institute, Omsk State Transport University, and Siberian Institute of Business and Information Technology.

9. Sochi

Sochi located on the Black Sea. It is a city popular for being a resort city. It is one of the places in Russia which has a subtropical climate. The winter is not so cold and the summer is warm and hot. Many Russians love to go to the city during the holiday.

This makes Sochi very comfortable to live in. The population is only around 300,000 inhabitants, so it’s not crowded. The city has good quality higher education institutions too, for example, Sochi State University and Russian International Innovative University. Its location in the black sea also makes it easy for you if you want to travel to another country.

10. Rostov-on-Don

Rostov-on-Don is one of the major port cities in Russia. But now it has expanded its economy to technology and information. Startups thrive in this city, ranging from IT to engineering. If those industries are your passion, you can choose to study here. Universities such as Don State Technical University will help you prepare for a career in these technological fields.

So those are 10 top cities in Russia to live in. It is, of course, will be decided based on your personal preference in the end. Do you want a big crowded city, but facilities are advanced? Or do you want to live in a small quiet historical town? Hope our list will help.

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