Fully funded Russian scholarship to study in Russia

scholarships to russiaRussian education is one of the best in the world, with the highest literacy rate (99,6%). Therefore it is more than qualified to invite foreign students to learn in Russian. Russia has the most remarkable architectural, palaces, castles, and universities. There are more than 650 state University in Russia, it also has a very great basic education.

Russian people can only occupy half of it. Therefore, the remaining seat is allocated for International students. There is a very huge spot for foreign to fill in the Universities in Russia.

You can apply for a scholarship to continue to study here. Russian government provides more than 120 scholarship yearly. The scholarship is fully funded and even has an additional scholarship for high performing students. Russia tries to attract more International student to experience education in Russia. Moreover, it is a way to make good relation with other country and introduce Russian culture at the same time.

  • Fully Funded Russian Scholarship

Obtaining education often to be the only barrier between brilliant minds and their dreams. Therefore, Russia brings full scholarships for international students to enable them to get that dream education. The scholarship covers tuition fee, accommodation, airfare, health etc. Some of this full scholarships design for the less privileged persons, orphans and scholars from developing countries.

  • Fully Funded Russian Government Scholarship

Annually, The Russian government grants many fully funded Russian scholarships for foreign students. The grant provides the International student a free study on the chosen specialty for the entire period of education.  Moreover, the grant covers education at language preparatory faculty for non-Russian speaking students.

Candidate can apply for a scholarship if they registered on the Russia study portal and send the application for a quota. The competitive selections take place in two stages. The first stage is in your country. Information for the scholarship available in the Russian Embassy. The second stage consists of the selection process.

The scholarship is for a study to Public Universities is Russian in some of the most student-friendly cities in Russia. It can be in the big cities of Russia or efen a more secluded ones.

  • Fully Funded Innopolis University Scholarship

Besides the tight competitive of fully funded Russian government Scholarship, there are other parties which provide scholarships. Russia has a variety of university and there are many seats available for International students.

One of the University in Russia provide a fully funded scholarship is Innopolis University. They are more than happy to offer candidates up to 100 % scholarship plus $200-600 monthly allowance to study Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English at Innopolis University. The university situated in Silicon Valley in Russia and welcome International student to apply for their scholarship. Applicant needs to follow a webinar for an international student to understand the selection process. It focuses on students with previous experience and achievements in IT or Robotics fields. So if you are into technology, this is the scholarship for you.

  • Ural Federal University Fully Funded International Scholarships

Ural Federal University invites applications for Ural Federal University Fully Funded International Scholarships in Russia. International students are welcome to apply. The University mission is to increases re-industrialization, sustainable modernization of traditional economy branches of the Ural Federal District. Scholars can apply for master or P.h D degree program (in English or Russian).

A scholar will receive full tuition waivers for the period of their master studies. Also, the students will be able to receive the regular monthly scholarship from the university (based on their academic performance)

  • The Department of Higher Education and Training Scholarship

Beside Universities in Russia, there is also The Dept of Higher Education. It is more like a vocational school. They also provide a scholarship for undergraduate (Bachelors) or postgraduate (Masters or Ph.D.). Applicants will take several examinations to apply for the scholarship. Russian gives a scholarship for students with interest and in relation to Russia. Therefore, learning about Russia and your field of interest is a plus for evaluation.

The field of study open for Scholar are Biotechnology, Environment and Climate change, Nuclear and renewable energy, etc. Some Russian higher institutions may perform the programmes in English. However, a student does need to take Russian language preparation before taking the scholarship application. The fully funded scholarship includes tuition fees, accommodations living expenses, and even airfare.

  • 20 Fellowships for Developing Countries Students

There are twenty UNESCO/ISEDC co-sponsored fellowship programme in specialized institutions in the Russian Federation. This is a short programme open for specific countries, particularly developing countries.

The fellowships aim to enhance human resources development in the area of sustainable and renewable energy sources in developing countries. Moreover, the programme is supported by UNESCO it is a very well design programme.

The candidates likely will study fields of study which aligned with UNESCO’s objectives. Some of the subjects are Energy and sustainable development, Renewable energy, and Sustainable and renewable energy power generation.

The Fellowship includes free tuition fees for the entire duration of studies, accommodation, monthly expense, meals, and incidentals.UNESCO cover the travel cost at the most economical rate and the most direct flight. It will also pay for additional allowance and health care.

It is definitely the most beneficial scholarship of all that gives a huge safety in terms of financial aids. That is way, the competitive applicant needs to have a very impressive cv. Only shortlist, candidates will move to the next examination test, and the UNESCO will also play a huge part in the process.

There you have it, several fully funded scholarship from Russian government and universities for International students. There are many other scholarships that we haven’t cover, scholars need to do their own research and find the best Scholarship for them. It is important to understand, a fully funded scholarship need a very impressive candidate due to the high aids the scholar received. That is why International student needs to take full advantage of the scholarship. It is a chance to study abroad an maybe even work abroad.

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