6 Most Popular College Major in Russia

medicine degreeWhen it comes to choosing a major in Russia, students will not be provided with plenty of choices. Universities offer hundreds of programmes, ranging from art to science. There are many higher institutions to choose to, from classical universities to specialized institutes. Top universities in Russia are ranked among the best in the world. It is always a good decision to study aboard in Russia. Read here for some popular university in Russia among international student.

There are 6 most popular major in Russia. Like in most countries, medicine and law are the favorites, followed by business and engineering. Russia has quite practical mentalities. When choosing the major in university, students tend to choose a major that is high in demand in the workforce. Students also tend to be attracted to study in the city which later provides them a high salary once they are working.

1. Medicine

Russia is the place for studying Medicine. Russian universities provide a world quality education in medical studies. Medicine in Russia is WHO and UNESCO recognized. Moreover, studying medical studies here is affordable compared to other European countries. The admission process is relatively not difficult and also the living costs in Russia in general.

Medicine is among the 6 most popular college major in Russia. There are 0,9 million students currently pursuing degrees in medical fields. Studying Medicine in Russia requires 6-7 years. Courses are offered in Russian but some universities also offer courses in English. International students can seek scholarships to fund their study here.

Best university in for studying medicine in Russia:

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Russian State Medical University, Moscow
  • Kazan State Medical University
  • Volgograd State Medical University, Volgograd

2. Art studies

Arts and culture are an important aspect of Russian education. For centuries, Russian has contributed significantly to the world. Ballet, theatre, and opera are among art forms that help shaped Russian identity now. Nowadays young Russian pursue arts on various universities across the nation. Art studies combine history, culture, and practice into a various form of art. In Russia, arts can be broken down into painting, music, film, and theater, and many more.

Art institutes and schools in Russia:

  • Imperial Academy of Arts
  • Kazan Art School
  • Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture
  • Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy

3. Physics & Astronomy

Number three in our list of 6 most popular major in Russia, Physics & Astronomy is one of the fields where Russian universities excel. Many of Russian universities are among the world top ranks when it comes to Physics and astronomy fields. For example, Saint-Petersburg State University is among the top 14, while Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University currently ranks among the top 50 in the world.

Best university in for studying Physics & astronomy in Russia:

  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University
  • Tomsk State University (TSU)
  • Novosibirsk State University
  • Saint-Petersburg State University

4. International Business

As one of the largest countries in the world, Russia relies heavily upon its economic trade, especially import and export. International Business and Relation is crucial in Russian studies to supply Russia with graduates skilled in business fields. International business offers a study about transactions of products and services between countries. It’s a degree involving courses from economics, politics, and also marketing.

University to choose for studying international Business:

  • National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE).
  • Saint Petersburg, RussiaUral Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University

5. International Relation and Law

As one of the country who has quite a power in the world’s politic, Russia puts high importance when it comes to international relation and law. Law in Russia is a popular college major. This is due to the high demand in this fields, also because there’s unending demand especially when it comes to international law.

Law academies in Russia:

  • Academic Law University
  • Higher School of Economics – Faculty of Law
  • Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations – International Law School
  • Moscow State University Faculty of Law

6. Engineering Majors

Russians put heavy emphasize when it comes to technical studies and applied science. Engineering is a popular major and always in demand at Russian industries. Technical University or polytechnics have been established since as early as 18th century.

a. Computer Science & Software engineering

It is no secret than Information technology in Russia is very developed. This is thanks to the computer science major that is among the most popular college major in Russia. Russian universities never stop to produce skillful graduate when it comes to computer science. The demand is also high. IT is one of the most fast-growing industry sectors in Russia, contributing to its 1,9% GDP.

Best institutes to study information technology in Russia:

– Bauman Moscow State Technical University
– National Research Nuclear University
– Tomsk Polytechnic University
– Saint-Petersburg State Technical University

b. Petroleum Engineering

Russia has one of the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world. As a country rich in oil and petroleum reserves, Russia has high demand when it comes to Petroleum Engineering. Petroleum major in Russia both focus on research and specialists training. The major focus on fields such as oil refining, exploration, mining and also it’s ecological sustainability.

Among selected universities:

– Moscow Institute of oil and gas
– Almetyevsk state oil institute
– Tyumen state oil and gas university
– Samara state technical university
– Ufa state petroleum technological university

c. Mining Engineering

Mining is also an important sector in the Russian economy. Russia is among the largest producer of platinum, gold, and iron ore. As a result, prospective students find Mining Engineering a desirable major to choose. Universities with good mining engineering programs usually are located in cities with a thriving mining industry.

Universities in Russia specializing in Mining:

– Saint-Petersburg Mining University

d. Naval & Marine Engineering

Cities on Russian coasts are centers for naval industries. These cities are including Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, and Rostov-on-Don. As a result, naval and Ocean Engineering graduates are widely sought in these areas. Specialist area for this major is including Shipbuilding, Ship equipment, and Ocean Machinery.

Naval and marine studies can be studied at this university:

– Maritime State University, Vladivostok
– Saint Petersburg Naval Academy

e. Aerospace engineering

Russia one of the leading countries when it comes to space research. This won’t come as a surprise as Russia has been active to space exploration since the cold war era. Russia is also an important producer of aircrafts such as Antonov and Sukhoi. For these reasons, aerospace engineering is one of the most popular college majors in Russia.

Universities offering a degree in Aerospace Engineering:

– Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
– Samara State Aerospace University
– Moscow Aviation Institute
– Bauman Moscow State Technical University

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