8 Most Cozy Places in Russia That You Must Visit

If you are lucky enough to visit Russia, make sure to visit one of 8 most cozy places in Russia. There is no exact reasons why those places become the most cozy places, although there are so many nice places in the country. However, people’s opinions are what matter. Those places have gained high ratings from its patrons. Moreover, they have delicious dishes to offer.

You do not have to be hungry to get there. All you need to do is sit on one of the tables and enjoy the atmosphere. Below are 8 most cozy places in Russia that you must visit.

1. Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago

Located in Mokhovaya St, 15/1, Moskva, it offers a great atmosphere. Moreover, it has modern interiors with Soviet elaborations. If you have a chance to visit Kremlin, it’s just a jump away from the area. In addition to having such atmosphere, the place offers affordable dishes.

Not to mention that all of them are high quality. Although you can taste a wide range of delicious food, beef stroganoff with thick creamy sauce is highly recommended.

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2. Noor | Electro Bar

Similar to its name, the place has many things to offer. In addition to being cozy, it has good music to entertain the visitors. However, you do not need to worry as the music is at manageable level. So you don’t need to speak out loud to have a conversation. Moreover, it has unparalleled cocktail selection you can hardly decide which one to try.

If you go there on the weekends, you should consider yourself as lucky. On that days, the place arranges live music shows and feature some of the best local and international talents. The bar claim itself as a “friendly elaborate next-door bar with a touch of Russia’s ethereal chic.”

3. Dream Bar

Located at Myasnitskaya Ulitsa 17/1, Moscow, you will find this a luxurious bar in the city. Moreover, it has affordable cocktail that you will not imagine. Dreamy atmosphere will surround you along with girls’ company. Yes, there are a lot of girls there to accompany you throughout the night.

Dmitry Sokolov is the one behind the success of the place. It has modern and trendy music to accompany your conversation. It also has innovative and charming interiors. Moreover, it is said that the place offers the “best cocktail menu in Moscow.” Also read: coolest places for hang out in Russia.

4. Strelka Bar

Still in Moscow, Strelka Bar becomes one of 8 most cozy places in Russia that you must visit. The place is attached to the Strelka Institute for Media, Design, and Architecture. Thus, this place has stylish and unique interiors and clientele.

Students, designers, and artists are usual patrons. They frequently gather at the place for casual purposes, like enjoying some sip of cocktail, occasional party, or just playing piano in the bar.

You should consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to get bumped with one of those next artists.

5. Mollie’s Pub

Becoming one of the best Pubs in Moscow, Mollie’s Pub offers you more. If you are longing for Irish pub, this place is the right choice. Located at one of the busiest spots on Myasnickaya Street, the place offers 55 types of whiskey and 15 kinds of beer.

You will definitely find your drink of choice in this bar. Moreover, you can check international sporting events in one of many TVs there. If you want to enjoy such atmosphere to start your night, you need to book your seat in advance as there are a lot of people want to do so, too.  Also read: comfortable and must visited coffee shops in Russia.

6. Mechta Molokhovets

Talking about romantic restaurants? Saint Petersburg has many to offer. It is one of the most romantic places with quite expensive dishes. However, you will find that reasonable as you start enjoying the atmosphere.

Becoming one of popular restaurant, the restaurant offers delicious and unique dishes you ever know. They cook the menu based on famous cook book by Elena Molokhovets. It is entitled “A Gift for Young Housewives” which is published in 1800s.

Moreover, the place is decorated in Russia’s Silver Age. With sound of piano in the background, you will feel the warm just by sitting there.

7. Legran

As St. Petersburg used to be the place of Peter the Great, you may want to have a feeling of being an aristocrat. Moreover, the city is the place of beautiful buildings. Thus, Legran gives you both. It has nice and cozy atmosphere and high class service. The place is in the Golden triangle, between the Hermitage and the Savior on the Spilled Blood Church.

You can also have a taste of delicious French cuisine and Russian menu. Thus, the place makes you enjoy the French fare you ever experience. With family-oriented attention to details, the restaurant becomes a unique establishment. It also becomes ambassador for Russia’s Venice of the North. Also read popular restaurants in St. Petersburg.

8. Umao Cafe

This is probably a restaurant with the most affordable dishes in St. Petersburg. In addition to having such dishes, the place offers cozy atmosphere that you will never forget. Moreover, it is the right place for you who want to taste dishes with Asian fusions.

With friendly staffers, the place has trendy decor. For lunch, you can choose coffee waffles and banana spring rolls. Those two are the favorites. For dinner, you may choose Tom Yum soup, veggie dumplings or salads. So, tempting right? However, you need to book in advance to eat in such small place with only 20 seats. Also check best cafes in Russia for youngsters.

Those are 8 most cozy places in Russia that you must visit.

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