5 Style Secret You Should Adopt From Russian Women

fashion of russian womanEveryone acknowledges that Russian women are very beautiful. They look more prominent than other women. How to dress differently, clean skin, stylish and slim and perfect body. This is also the dream of all men. We will discuss 5 style secret you should adopt from Russian women. We can reveal that the secret of Russian women’s style and beauty is from discipline and a good lifestyle.

Russian women are very active and disciplined to maintain their beauty and appearance. They are active in sports, which makes them look beautiful and fit all the time. We can adopt what Russian women have done. Both in terms of clothing, lifestyle, sports, and others.

Even though it takes extra struggle to be perfect, it’s better if we do it. To find out more about the secrets of Russian women’s style, here are 5 styles you should adopt from Russian women.

1. Russian women’s fashion style

In terms of Russian women’s fashion is extraordinary. They choose clothes carefully. As we know that in Russia there are 4 seasons. And winter is much longer in other seasons, this greatly affects the dress style of Russian women. Russian women choose clothes according to the season. This is because in addition to the function of protecting the body from the weather, also because this can be a supporting appearance.

The secret is that Russian women will choose good clothes. In winter they will wear fur coats, wear pompom hats, wearing knee-high boots, press scarfs. They will wear clothes in a style that fits the theme. Likewise for other seasons they choose appropriate clothing.

2. Maintain body condition

Russian women always maintain a perfect body condition. In Russia women always keep their skin healthy and soft, moist and clean. They go to a place of care. And in Russia there are bathing spots famous for virgin skin. The bathing place is a hot or steam sauna.

– Do care for skin

As is known with this bath can launch blood circulation. And the immune system is good. Russian teenagers also go to massage their bodies with special treatment. This recipe includes scrubs mixed with honey and sugar to remove dead skin cells. As we know the benefits of these ingredients. That’s where Russian women’s skin health is maintained.

– Sport Exercising

Russian women are very disciplined in doing sports. Even called that Russian women are workaholic. They walked as far as they could. To go to work, market or school, they try not to use a vehicle. They walk.

Russian women go swimming. As we know, in Russia the weather is very cold. But to maintain their health and body shape, Russian women still go for swimming. Russian women are very active, they practice good exercise. They are active throughout the day and they work independently. This is what makes them always fit.

– Do a food diet

Besides exercising, Russians also pay attention to what they eat. One of the famous ones they eat root vegetables, this vegetable has more calories, but Russian women burn it with exercise. Besides that they eat hot vegetable soup. This is very healthy. Most Russian women like to be vegetables. This makes them always healthy.

Rusian woman choose these food for diet :

  • Horseradish

To maintain health during the winter Russian women eat Horseradish. And it has been a mandatory food for centuries in Russia

  • Cucumbers

To keep not hungry sometimes with a lot of drinking water. Cucumber can be one of them. The amount of water that is abundant and does not have calories will lose weight well. Russian women replace high-calorie foods with cucumbers. And as a result their body remains slim.

  • Cabbage

White cabbage is a low-fat alternative food. This food contains a lot of acid, so it can prevent carbohydrates into fat. So for example we eat a lot of rice, or foods that contain other carbohydrates, eat cabbage. Russian women eat cabbage at breakfast and lunch.

  • Apples

Russian cuisine always includes apples. If we change our menu with apples, 1.5 kg of apples can lose 1 kilogram.

  • Raspberries

If you eat this fruit, this will help streamline your body. Russian women do this, so their bodies are maintained.

3. Always take care of the face

Russian women also pay close attention to facial skin. This is to keep the skin looking soft. They have special secrets and tips to keep the skin glowing and smooth. How do they take care of their faces. Even though most people find it strange to hear this, Russian women still do it. Russian women slap on the cheeks, face and forehead to improve circulation. This is also an attempt to shrink pores and moisturize the trowels. And this method is effective to make the face look fresh and bright.

Russian women also wear lotions and masks. They use a mixture of milk, sour cream, egg yolks, and butter. These ingredients function to remove wrinkles and make the skin smooth. And you can follow this too. Instead of using soap which does not necessarily give satisfactory results.

4. Care for their hair

The style of Russian women cannot escape their hairstyles. The woman is very proud of her hair. Of course if their hair is healthy and bright and charming. Everyone must have known that caring for hair is not easy. With someone active, this will require extra effort for them to care for the hair.

Russian women have a secret way to keep their hair healthy and charming. They do it in a natural way. They use carrot masks to eliminate hair loss. And to stimulate hair growth they use mustard masks. To make their hair shine they use mayonnaise and eggs.

5. Face make up style

The next secret is that Russian women pay close attention to face makeup. They make makeup every day, with different styles. They combined it, occasionally a dark colored mascara, then brightly colored lipstick. Wearing blush, eyeliner and concentrated lipstick. This is amazing.

Here are what Russian women usually do to make up:

– Using bright lipstick

Russian women have this whitish skin will be more suitable if they use lipstick with bright and bold colors. This will be very contrasting. And most Russian women like using bright colors like brown and red for them. They also always use lip-gloss when traveling.

– Makeup for eyes

Every time you leave home and travel, women will not be free from make up. This makes them appear to be always beautiful. Russians have big and expressive eyes. This makes them look fresh. And they realize that. They use mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow to add to their beauty.

So 5 styles secret you should adopt from Russian women. we can imitate what they do. And we know that most of what they do is natural. They exercise, walk, care with natural ingredients. This is amazing. You can do it too. This does not require a lot of money. If you want to look attractive like a Russian woman, the key is discipline. Discipline in exercising, discipline in managing diet. You also have to be disciplined in the style of clothing, hair style, make up style. After all that you do, what you want must be said. Become beautiful like Russian women.

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