7 Russian habits that you can adopt to your daily life

Of the various habits people in Russia, many things we can adopt.  We can apply in everyday life. Here there are 7 Russian habits that we can emulate. Their habits has been done for a long time, and has become a culture, of course this is a good Russian culture.

Russia is a country that has a long history and they have a sense of optimism and discipline. Hence the many things that Russia has achieved by their selves without being influenced by any country. They develop their own for technology, education, industry. Here are 7 Russian habits that you can adopt to your daily life

1. Optimistic in everything

The Russians have a wisdom to always be optimistic in every life. It can be reflected from what they do in their daily life. When they face financial issues, extreme weather problems, disrupted hot water supplies, they always think positive, stay patient. When they does not get hot water supply, they prepare by themselves. If they found very cold weather, they prepare the clothes with the double lining.

This optimism makes Russian people able to deal with every obstacle, both in individual or by their country. According to their optimistic and always positive mental attitude, it can make them stronger and ready to face any possibility that will be happened.

Optimistic attitude is a habit that we can imitate and can apply in our daily life. To face our various challenges we can live it well if have an optimistic mental.

When you have dreams and aspirations, making it happen is what you want. Various paths will be difficult, but if you are optimistic, the achieving it will be easier. This is what you can adopt from the Russian peoples. Always optimistic in everything.

2. Perform tasks within the given time limit.

Most of us unwittingly work on something and solve it without following the target of time. This is what makes us less productive. It also becomes a disadvantage to the kit when doing the tasks given by others.

One of the things we can exemplify from the habits of Russians is to put the tasks in line with the deadlines given. They perform tasks with measurable estimates. Prepare everything well. Although this is a slow impression when starting, but they finish it on time.

Here we can say one of the things we can learn is the responsibility in completing the task. Without good responsibility, timely completion can be a very difficult thing. But the Russian people can accomplish the task according to the deadline well. Because in various tasks, responsibility becomes the foundation.

When you sharpen your discipline, it is not instantly do in a short time. But when it has become a culture or habit, it is not difficult to do it.

3. Keep valuable ones for the future

From the sense of optimism that the Russians have made they are always confident for their future. They believe that the future will be bright, and one day they will live it. Therefore the Russians always keep things and things they think are valuable and one day they will use.

In everyday life they must use various items, clothes, kitchen utensils such as plates, knives, glasses. Of all the goods used there must be times will be broken, damaged, and obsolete. But the Russians have made sure that they have kept the best they think is safe.

Russians store porcelain, crystals in a special cabinet. This stuff is special to be stored, and almost not they use for every day. They usually also give gifts of valuables for birthday gifts, weddings, wedding anniversaries or in other celebrations. Russian individuals are more willing to do things like have to sing a US national anthem or have to smile on the street to strangers instead of having to hand over their collection plates. This is because so precious their collectibles.

Keep these valuables as well for suits, dresses, and other outfits. They deviate dressed clothes neatly and used a moment when necessary. Of all these things we can save valuable things for example, if then we can use it sometime. Or it will be a valuable collection of items.

4. Do not give a smile to strangers on the street

One of the Russian customs is not to give a smile to strangers on the street. When you visit Russia will surely find the fact that Russian people do not give a smile to strangers on the street. Very rarely do Russians give smiles to strangers, this is different from the culture of other countries, there are times when the population has a smiling culture, perhaps even to strangers.

A very different thing is done by the Russians, they keep faces expressionless against unknown people. With the background of Russian society culture have different considerations. However that does not mean no humor for Russian society, they have a sense of humor high, to people who are well known, and of course in place.

Smiling in the place, that’s the thing we can follow, for certain things if we always smile on the street with people we do not know, this could be bad. Be cautious and always alert is at the core.

5. Bring Gifts while visiting

The next Russian custom we can follow is that the Russians always bring gifts when they visit. They visit neighbors, friends, or acquaintances with a gift. Russians carry souvenirs, such as cakes, flowers, chocolates, or toys for children.

It not in the rule if brings gifts to get reward. They bring gifts to mean that they are friends, and this shows proximity and warmth.

In some other countries, bringing gifts sometimes has negative connotations because there is a charge behind it. But believe me that when the Russians give gifts it means a sense of closeness and warmth, they are sincere.

6. Russians do not like praise

Do you feel comfortable if the people around you always give praise. Many different views on this, there are times when praise will encourage. There are times when praise will also make pride. The thing that can adopt from the Russian people is they do not like if we give praise.

If you are friends with your friends from Russia, do not be too much if you give praise. Be as it is, not too much. Russian people are very uncomfortable if always given praise. The Russians are very humble and they put forward the politeness.

7. Dinner is fewer

The good habits of the next Russians are they eat their dinner less. If you are a person who always pay attention to your appearance, always pay attention to your health, good habits of Russian one this you have to follow.

The fact is that the habits of Russians spend a small amount of dinner. It is a culture, not many people have a habit that becomes a culture like this.

As we know many Russian models are slim and healthy. They always do what has become a culture and habit. It is not easy to exercise this discipline. In every person would benefit if following this Russian habit.

That all 7 Russian habits that you can adopt to your daily life, wherever you are by following the good habits will definitely provide benefits. Always optimistic, always performing the task according to the specified target. If you always do positive things, your step will always be easier.

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