6 Rare and Exotic Animals in Russia

Russia is gifted with wide and large land which will have a various plants and animals . From dry land into the freezing one, this country offers a lot of things to do for us. Some of them are too good to be missed. Just like another country, Russia has their own specialities. They have […]

7 Endemic Animals That Live in Ural Mountains

After knowing several facts and surprising things in Ural Mountains, you have to know about 7 animals that live in Ural Mountains. 1. Wolverine Wolverine also refers to carcajou, glutton, quickhatch, or skunk bear. It is the largest animal in the family of Mustelidae that lives on land. Due to its size and strength, it resembles small bears […]

6 Most Interesting Facts of Volga River in Russia

Volga river is the place for some animals. There are 5 animals that live in Volga river. Those are Russian desman, Russian sturgeon, pelicans, flamingo and Caspian seal. They are both endemic and endangered animals. After knowing such information, you need to know 6 most interesting facts of Volga river in Russia. 1. The Largest River […]

5 Animals that Lives in Volga River

Volga river is national river of Russia. Russian people calls it “Mother Volga”. It is also the largest river in Europe in terms of length, watershed and discharge. Besides, there are about eleven big cities in Russia lays in Volga river basin. Volga river starts from the Valday Hills of northwest of Moscow. It flows […]

7 most dangerous animals in Russia

If you’re an animal lover visiting Russia, wildlife sightseeing might be on your bucket list. However, not all animals are as welcoming towards humans. You must carefully avoid the most dangerous animals in Russia. By doing so, it will ensure that your trip to Russia is enjoyable, both in the city and in the forest […]

11 Endemic Animals that You Can Only Find in Russia

When visiting Russia, it is crucial that you try out it’s famous cuisines (read up Popular Cuisine in Siberia and Popular Cuisine in Moscow) and see the famous sights (Mosques and Caucasus Mountains). In addition to that, it’s also noteworthy to check out the endemic animals. Endemic animals by definition are animals that can only be found in one geographic region. […]

6 Animals That Lives in Siberian Tundra

Located in the northeast part of Russia, the Siberian Tundra is a chilly place able to reach a temperature as low as -40 degrees Celcius. Due to special weather conditions, living beings on the tundra must adapt to survive. This results in very unique plants such as the arctic moss, arctic willow, bearberry, caribou moss, […]