Top 6 Endemic Animals Living In Caucasus Mountain Range

Caucasus Mountains? A majestic mountain belts ranging from West Asia between Black Sea and Caspian Sea. The Caucasus mountains extend its reign from Southeastern Europe into Asia. Volcanic points noted in these ranges. The entire region significantly exposed to strong earthquakes from the volcanic activity and movement. The top peak in Caucasus range of mountain […]

3 Sweet Facts You Need To Know About Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats, What Are They? Siberian cats are originated none other than Russia. It is one of the common breeds as housecat in Russia. It is estimated to exist since 1,000 years ago. Its size were around medium to large according to cat’s measurement. The average weight is between 14 to 21 pounds with males […]

6 Interesting Facts of Russian Karavai That You Never Knew

When we have weddings, must have items should be flowers, wedding rings or a 3 layer tall wedding cake. We might want to have a lot of modern pastries like rainbow cakes, macaroons or nicely decorated scones. However, its a different story for the Russians. Traditional round loaf of bread known as Russian Karavai. A […]

3 Useful Tips if You Are Travelling to Russia Alone

How many of us are truly inspired to solo travel? Yeap saw those hands. Then how many of us have a dream to solo travel to Russia? Yes, that’s you who are reading this post. Here are the 3 useful tips if you are traveling Russia alone. Yes, alone! 1. The Company of Yourself As […]

How Russian Uses and Appreciate The Existence Of Birch Trees

How other parts of the world other than Russians view birch trees in forests: If we picture a forest covered with birch trees into our mind, one will feel astounded by the beauty of these lining birch trees. They will go on for a walk to help them stay happy and healthy through mediating walk […]

5 Famous Place in Moscow, Where Are They in Russia?

Why Moscow? Moscow, the capital and the most populated city in across Russia making it hard to go unnoticed by travelers. It cultured cosmopolitan capital with fascinating buildings. It is a lifetime experience to immerse yourself in history to world-class music and art. Or choose to feast in fabulous delicacies, and to join the nightlife […]