11 Best Russian Food for Party or Celebration

Every country has their own tradition when it comes to serving food in party and celebrations. For example, we can find beef rendang and satay in nearly every Indonesian wedding. Russian people too, like us, favor certain dishes over others during parties and event celebrations. If you’re looking to integrate some Russian cuisine into your events, you have to […]

8 Best and Popular Cuisine in Siberia That You Need to Know

We know that Siberia is a part of Russia. However, this region in Northern Asia has numerous ethnic tribes with their own unique cultures. In fact, Siberia wasn’t even part of modern Russia before the early 17th century. Notorious for its cold winter, there’s more to this picturesque region than that reputation. Before your first […]

10 Most Popular Cuisine in Saint Petersburg Russia

When you’re coming to Russia, St Petersburg is one of the places that you must visit. Like the capital city Moscow, this also populated city has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary adventures. For your visit to Moscow, you’ve learned about the Most Popular Cuisine in Moscow Russia. How about finding out […]

Old Russian Cuisine as Part of Their Culture

Covering a staggering area of 17.1 million km², Russia is the world’s largest country. It borders a number of European and Asian countries, as well as the Arctic and Pacific Ocean. With over 300 cities and towns, Russia sure has a variety of local culture and traditions. But one thing that is true nationwide is […]

16 Type of Most Popular Cuisine in Moscow Russia

As the capital and most largely populated city in Russia, of course Moscow has a lot to offer. Especially in terms of food and cuisine. From street food to high-end restaurants, Moscow has many famous traditional dishes for you. Certainly, if you’re ever in Moscow, you have to try the most popular cuisine in Moscow, […]

4 Best Time to Visit Russia That Every Traveller Need to Know!

The idea has been tugging at you for some time now: you want to visit Russia. You know all the Tips to Do Cheap Travelling to Russia. But when is the best time to visit Russia? Well, it certainly depends on what you’re looking for in the world’s largest country. There are a lot of factors relevant […]

10 Famous Movies that Take Place in Russia

You’re living your life when suddenly the travel bug hits you. But you don’t want to just go anywhere, you know your next destination has got to be Russia. For one reason or another, flying to Russia may not be a feasible thing to do, whether it’s due to time or financial constraints. Well, do […]