11 Best Russian Food for Party or Celebration

Every country has their own tradition when it comes to serving food in party and celebrations. For example, we can find beef rendang and satay in nearly every Indonesian wedding. Russian people too, like us, favor certain dishes over others during parties and event celebrations. If you’re looking to integrate some Russian cuisine into your events, you have to know the best Russian food for party or celebration. Then you can learn and master the The Russian Meal Time Etiquette.

So here are 11 best Russian food for party or celebration:

1. Olivier Salad

Russians love their salad, that’s for certain. But the olivier salad is a particularly special one. This traditional Russian food is made of boiled potatoes, eggs, carrots, pickles, peas, onions, apples and either boiled chicken, ham or sausages. For the seasoning, add a pinch of salt and pepper, mustard and mayonnaise. Olivier salad are enjoyed in a daily basis, but they are also found on the tables of most New Year or Christmas meals.

2. Vinegret

There’s another popular type of salad that the Russians enjoy during celebrations and that is vinegret, or Russian vinaigrette. This salad contains cooked vegetables like carrots, beets and potatoes, chopped onions, pickles, green peas and beans. Then a dressing of vinaigrette is poured over the vegetables, thus the name vinegret. However, in the modern days some people prefer to use sunflower oil instead of vinegar.

3. Kholodets

This unique Russian cuisine is essentially meat in a jelly. Requiring around 7 hours of preparation time, kholodets are not a simple meal that can be whipped up for a quick snack. Russians use fresh meat to stuff into the gelatin made of beef stock. Kholodets have a crucial role in the winter festive meals and are served cold. It can work as an appetizer or companion of vodka, or enjoyed alone with Russian mustard.

4. Salted Mushroom and Vegetables

Russian people often salt vegetables and mushroom before serving them as appetizers or snacks. Especially when they are hosting a party or a celebration meal, They are usually fermented using kvashennie.

5. Herring Under A Fur Coat

Herring under a fur coat, or more easily known as dressed herring, is a staple food for big meals on a Russian dining table. It’s a layered salad made of pickled herring and a vegetable layer of boiled potatoes, carrots, onions and mayonnaise. Sometimes, people would also include an optional layer of fresh apples. Finally, the top layer of boiled beetroot and mayonnaise is laid to this richly purple dish.

6. Pirozhki

Pirozhki are meat-pies filled with either meat or fish and vegetables. They are fried in small shapes and are almost always present as snacks and appetizers in a big Russian meal. However, pirozhki can also have sweet fillings like fruits, cottage cheese and fresh homemade jam.

7. Black Bread

Bread is an important and integral part of the Russian culture. This is because there are a long history and symbolic meaning behind the Bread in Russian Culture. The most popular type of bread in Russia is most definitely black bread, or you may know it as rye bread. Black bread is staple to many celebrations and meal, including New Year traditions, Christmas meals, wedding and even welcoming ceremonies.

8. Pelmeni

Pelmeni are the Russian version of dumplings and wontons. To make a good pelmeni, you need to have a delicious dough and filling. Stuff your choice of meat or fish into thinly rolled dough, and then freeze them in your fridge. These boiled dumplings can be served as soup in a Russian celebration meal.

9. Borscht

This traditional and well-known Russian soup is also an integral part of major Russian events and celebrations. It goes back to why they have Old Russian Cuisine as Part of Their Culture. The main ingredient in a bowl of borscht are fresh beetroots, while cabbage and onions are added when cooking. Add a generous serving of Russian sour cream, and this hearty dish is ready to be enjoyed on Russian dining tables.

10. Paskha

Russia is famous for embracing Orthodox Christianity. Paskha is one of the staple dishes of an Orthodox Easter meal. This festive dish is made of curd cheese and has a pyramid shape. No Easter meal or celebration in Russia is complete without serving paskha.

11. Vodka

Russia is extremely famous for their vodka, and for a reason. With numerous forests and mountainous areas, Russia’s geographical features are definitely an important role in their vodka industry. Local brands use water from nearby springs in order to make high-quality vodka. The beverage can then be enjoyed by the common people. So you will almost always find vodka of some sort in a Russian party or celebration.

All in all, Russians really do take their food seriously. They want their feasts grand and celebratory. So at any Russian party or celebration, you can be sure to enjoy some great food and cuisine. You can try to make some of these dishes as well and serve them during your events. There’s a high chance that your guests will have an unforgettable time! For more inspiration, you can see the Most Popular Cuisine in Saint Petersburg, Russia and also the Most Popular Cuisine in Moscow, Russia.

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