6 Top Low Budget Meals in Moscow, Russia

Are you an International student living in Moscow? Do you need to go on budget for meal? Don’t worry. You are safe here.

Although you know that almost everything in Moscow is expensive, you still can find several low budget meals for you to survive. Sound impossible? Here are 6 top low budget meals in Moscow, Russia.

1. Buterbro

You may find the name is unfamiliar. However, you will definitely know what it means after you see it. Muscovites do not use the word “sandwich” as they have their own word for the same meal, “buterbro.” It is a sandwich of bread with a piece of “doktorskaya” sausage or with butter and salt.

Eating this, you may consider yourself eating a national dish. In the restaurant with the same name, the team bake their own bread, prepare smoked ham and cod, salted salmon and cook wonderful soups. You can enjoy those dishes with affordable price. The place is available at 3 Karetniy Riad on Tuesday to Saturday at 12:00pm until 8.00 pm

2. Motorcafe “Enthusiast”

Like its name, the place offers you a chance to get your bike repaired. However, if you do not have bike to repair, you can enjoy them repairing someone else’s bike. And that’s not all about the place. As you read the title, it’s all about cheap food. And yes, the place offers you cheap dishes, not to mention that they are all delicious.

If you go there, you will see a lot of communities gathering there. There are biker culture followers, lovers of cheap and delicious food, beer fans and antiques hunters. In the evenings you can have a chance to dance. Meanwhile, you can watch interesting movie at dinner. One more thing, they have antique mirror for the bike to offer. Unfortunately, they are closed on Sundays. You can also check most cozy places in Russia.

3. “Ludi kak Ludi”

If you feel a little bit uncomfortable with all different people with their occupations for the start, you may want to go to this place. The place is famous among Moscow’s students and former students as well. So, you can see almost all patrons are students.

They have delicious salmon, spinach and big feta cheese pie for cheap price. You will also love legendary “Number 5 cocktail,” that consists of cranberries, black currants and cherry juice. Seeing visitors chatting with bar staff is common there. If you get a chance to go there, you may experience such nice and cozy atmosphere in the small place. They only have 6-7 tables with 4 more time people than it should has. Also read: best cafes in Russia for youngsters.

4. The Burger Brothers

You may have heard about this place in previous post as being one of places for hipsters. In addition to being a hip place, the place offer variety of cheap burgers. The place was actually used as a dressing room of a Moscow club. Then, the team turned it into the kitchen and start selling soft drinks and burgers.

At first they offered burgers, like The all American Burger (with American sauce, fresh red onion and tomato), Ginger Burger (a beef patty, ginger and tomato sauce, onion rings and spinach) and Cheddar Burger (with cheddar cheese and red onion marmalade). Later, they also have soups with mint, young green peas and cream, tomato with lime and cilantro. If you don’t feel like a burger and soup are enough for you, don’t worry, they are accompanied with fries.

5. HUB

The place offers a very short menu. They only have four sandwiches, a few salads, delicious coffee, and tea for 2 euros for a big pot, a couple of decent beers and Magners cider. However, they have huge sandwiches that are appealing for customers. They are made with a ciabatta base. Moreover, they contain much of all ingredients that has to be in them. In addition, the dish is served with a micro-bucket of baked potatoes with cheese.

They have “super-rich HUBburger” with its 200-gram patty. There is also sandwich with chicken, pineapple and curry. If you are a sandwich lover, you need to visit the place. Located at 82/34 Pyatnitskaya, they are opened throughout the week. They open at 10 in the morning in weekdays. Meanwhile, they open at 12 at noon in the weekends.

6. Brothers’ Karavaev culinary shop

For your desserts, or if you want something lighter for your casual routines, you may want to check this out. If you think that most desserts are expensive, you will find yourself stupefied seeing the price. They only charge 60 rubles for a delicious espresso there. Surprised? That’s not the only thing cheap there. You can also enjoy a tasty Norwegian salmon sandwich with only 125 rubles or $4. Read also: comfortable and must-visit coffee shops in Russia.

For more information, the culinary shop network has already had 13 branches. And those growth happened only in 5 years, thus making the place become one of the most innovative cafe networks in the capital’s market. Office clerks are regular patrons during lunch. If you have a chance to visit the place, you may as well see housewives hunting for desserts and pastries.

Those are 6 top low budget meals in Moscow, Russia that you need to visit for your budget. You can also read most famous restaurants visited by tourists in Moscow, Russia.

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