Packing Travel Essentials For Men: Get Ready For Summer Holiday In Russia

summer holiday for menWith an area of 17 million square km, the natural conditions and weather in all parts of Russia have never been the same at one time. The northern region is directly adjacent to the North Pole, while in the south the average is subtropical. Most regions experience quite long winters. But some actually record extreme temperatures in the summer.

Summer in Russia takes mid-June-July. This is indeed the most recommended time for travel in Russia. The number of tourist arrivals is increasing rapidly, because they can visit almost all cities and states. Summer in Russia runs from early June to the end of August. Natives usually choose to spend holidays on the outskirts of the city, or sunbathe on the beach and river banks. They usually stop at the dacha (summer house) until close to school entry in early September.

But there is something you need to pay attention to when visiting Russia during the summer. Some inns don’t provide air conditioning, because most buildings in Russia are designed to protect from extreme low temperatures in winter. Don’t forget to also provide umbrellas and raincoats. Evenings often rain during the summer. Then what should you bring when visiting Russia during the summer?

Here are packing travel essentials for men: get ready for summer holiday in Russia

  • Sunblock

Summer vacation is very pleasant by spending time outside like a beach. Countries that are not crossed by the equator have an extreme climate. Especially in Russia which is famous for its cold country all year long. Not that Russia has no summer. It is precisely when the summer in Russia can have temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. With a fairly hot temperature, sunlight is not entirely good for the body and skin. Many UV rays from the sun hit the skin. That’s why you need sunblock when you are outside.

  • Simple Bag

A simple bag that means is, a bag that is not too big. If you are on a summer vacation in Russia, use a simple bag because it will make it easier for you to move. During the summer you don’t need a thick jacket and boot. Because of that, at that time you can carry your luggage as easily as possible. The clothes are also made from thin and light so wearing a small bag will make you more comfortable.

  • Bold Swimwear

There are fun things that Russians do in the summer. Traveling with bold swimwear? You can only do it in the summer.  In addition to taking advantage of the opportunity, traveling with these pants in the summer will be very comfortable and you will not feel hot. Don’t be afraid some legs are blackened because summer is the season that has been waiting for in Russia. Even many people believe if your skin is blackened during the summer, then you have spent the summer pleasantly.

  • Bright Stuff

Summer is synonymous with colorful, bright and cheerful seasons. Likewise with the selection of clothing colors. You will rarely see people wearing dark colored clothes. We know that dark colors easily absorb solar heat. That’s why you need brightly colored clothes. Even though you are a man, don’t hesitate to wear brightly colored shirts. Fashion is owned by anyone, including bright colors in men.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the most important thing in the summer. People need this thing even if it is not on vacation. Aside from being stylish, sunglasses protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. Exposure to sunlight in the summer is quite disturbing. You can get a lot of tears out of the sun’s heat if you don’t wear sunglasses. In some countries, for example Russia, the sun doesn’t even sink at 7 pm in the summer. Because of this, you will wear sunglasses for longer. Daytime lasts longer than at night in Russia during the summer.

  • T-shirts

T-shirts are the most comfortable clothes in the summer. With a more loose size allows your body to get air. In addition, the neck hole is also lower so you can feel the cool air from outside. Make sure you choose T-shirts with bright colors so that the sun’s heat is not absorbed. In addition, bright colors will give you a good and vibrant mood.

  • Slippers

Traveling far is comfortable using shoes. But if you are traveling in the summer, there is no harm in using sandals. You can use mountain sandals with tight hooks to make them more comfortable and not easy to escape. Sandals will allow free air on your feet so you don’t feel hot. The combination of T-shirts, shorts and sandals is perfect for your summer vacation.

  • Hat


Those are some things packing travel essentials for men. Bring items as needed, and wear clothes as comfortable as possible when on vacation. Don’t forget to capture your moment because tourist destinations in Russia are amazing. For summer, Russia also provides some food. Don’t forget to taste Russian summer favorite food. Besides being amazing in the summer, Russia is also very beautiful in the winter. You can take a relaxing tour to visit the unique architectural buildings in Russia while enjoying Russian cuisine in the winter.

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