7 Everlasting Hairstyles of Russian Women That Are Still Popular

Trend in style will always change whether it’s fashion, hairdo, or makeup. There are a lot of things that influence what’s hot and what’s not in style, and it differs too from one place to the other in the world. Long time ago, when the internet was still nonexistent, people looked up to the movie stars and singers for styles that it would be easy to tell from which era the trend was from. Today, everything goes. Everyone can be a trendsetter by being counted as a celebrity on the internet. But, in Russia, the trend seems to be quite steady from time to time.

Lifestyle, weather, and history are the factors that usually take hold of the leaning in style. When the Soviet Union was still glorious, fashion was considered a bourgeois thing and it was a limited issue. Women who showed up looking too stylish were considered vain and not spending enough time to work. That was why they kept monotonous fashion and hairstyle; mostly short haircut and pinned. In 1930’s, though, the first hair salons opened and women there started to try out more hairdo’s. Looking at this fact, there is no wonder that these 7 everlasting hairstyles of Russian women are still popular today.

1. Updo

This is the oldest way the Russian women love to wear their hair. When the salons started to be available in the 30’s, they could feel more feminine by letting the stylists help to do their hair. The short hair started to get longer and could be done up for many occasions whether casual or formal. This make the women feel softer and inviting by having their neck exposed and the hair nicely frames the edges of their faces. Updo is also considered elegant and suitable for all types of face shape. This style is still very much used by women all over Russia.

2. Naturally long

In the 60’s the long hair trend made its ripple into the Soviet Union. The women there wore their hair down more often than up letting it free from heavy products and accessories. The natural look lasts for the next two decades. Today, the long double braided hair is still hot in Russia and considered a signature of the woman of the nation. It is a part of the country’s tradition that you can see in symbols like Matryoshka dolls and some characters in Russian films.

3. Boy-cut

Back to the Soviet era when the short haircut was the most acceptable hairstyle for women, boyish hairdo has been another popular thing in Russia. Women in Moscow are known for their bravery to sport this cut and look amazing with it. Some stylists call this Lolita style. Lolita is one of the most controversial and legendary novels in the literary world written by Vladimir Nabokov, a Russian-American writer, in 1955.

4. Shades of red

If there is a reason why red hair dye was invented from the first place maybe it was for the Russian women. They can wear this color perfectly whether in long or short hair. Shades of red go well with their skin tone and the shades become the trend that the women all over the world try to copy. Some Russian women were born naturally with reddish hair, some dyed their hair. Both look beautiful.

5. Big hair

This hairstyle is exclusive for the powerful women in Russia. There is something that makes the nation associate the huge tresses with political power. Lots of hairspray and time are surely invested in this kind of hairstyle. Sure this was once a world trend in the 80’s when celebrities did wear their hair big and everyone tried to do the same. Although this big hairdo gets connected with the political rank, older women in Russia in general love this kind of hairstyle.

6. Wavy

The type of Russian women’s hair is suitable for this styling. They love to have their hair curled or wavy a bit but still look natural. The soft wave of hair makes women in general look more feminine and soft. With all the inventions in the hairstyling world today, it is not hard to have a semi-permanent wavy hair for the women with straight hair.

7. Sleek

Russian women are known for their sharp face lines and high cheekbones. Their brows are well-defined and their eyes deep. This type of face is perfect for sleek hairstyle, whether it’s long or short. Well combed to the back of the head with a touch of wet look. Darker hair usually sports this sort of hairstyle the best and will give a fierce, strong vibe. This is probably the style that suits Russian character the most.

How did you like the hairstyles listed above? Do you think one or maybe some of them will suit you? Women can be very cautious when it comes to hair because it’s their crown. It’s like the last thing that can save their looks when all else fails. Some people say that the true test of a beauty is when a woman can go bald and still be confident about it, but of course this is highly unlikely. Only a few women would go as far to test themselves. But with all the amazing wigs people make today, there is actually nothing to fear about having no hair or bad hair at all. Russian women also know how to tackle their bad-hair days by using scarves or ushanka – a traditional fur hat they usually wear during the winter.

Those were the 7 everlasting hairstyle of Russian women that are still popular today. Trends may differ where you are, but it’s always nice to know what is hot and not in the other parts of the world including Russia.

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