11 Spring events you have to know and watch in Russia

Spring is one of the transition seasons from winter to summer in subtropical countries. The time each country experiences spring will vary depending on the location of the country. In Russia, spring usually takes place between March 21 and June 21. In spring, all flowers and plants will grow and bloom again. Therefore, this season is also called the flower season. In spring, daytime will last longer than night. Eve in this season feels rather hot because of the transition to summer.

From the explanation about spring you can know that spring is perfect for those of you who are going on vacation. You don’t need to be afraid of cold or heat. In addition, the scenery in spring is more beautiful because all the plants are blooming. If you already have a plan to vacation in Russia, here are spring events you have to know and watch in Russia:

1. Easter

Celebrating Easter in Russia is so exciting, especially coinciding with the spring. You can celebrate starting the night before Easter Sunday using beautiful trams in St. Petersburg – Russia. When that night arrived, the entire church would be filled with beautiful lights. If at dawn, the bell will ring the sign that Easter has arrived. The Easter celebration in Russia is filled by all people who paint hard-boiled eggs with various bright colors and traditional parties. In this celebration there are also a variety of Easter specialties such as sweet round bread and Easter cakes with butter and sweet raisins that you can eat with your family.

2. The Golden Mask Theater

The golden mask theater festival was first held in 1993 with performances and Russian-language theater competitions. The theater in this event covers all genres ranging from drama to puppet theater. The event that takes place in March / April in Moscow is one of the events that you must visit when you are on vacation in Russia. In addition to filling in time off, this event can add to your knowledge, especially in the arts.

3. May 9: Victory Day

Victory day is a national or state event to celebrate the end of World War II. With various performances of parades, fireworks, and the military, this event became very spectacular. Performed at the Moscow Red Square, rows of soldiers, tanks, missiles and other military equipment will spoil your eyes. Besides that, there are also military aircraft that will fly over your head. All military museums in Russia also participated in celebrating the victory day with the military equipment they displayed.

4. Wild Mint Folk Festival

This festival is the largest and most open folk music festival in Moscow, Russia. Located in the Ethnomir complex, the wild mint folk festival colors your spring. This event is held for several days, but usually for 3 days. Various genres of music will add a spectacular impression in the wild mint folk festival. In addition, there are also various delicious foods that can nourish your body.

5. International Ballet Festival

For those of you who love ballet, you must go to this festival. In one city, Saint Petersburg, a festival was held to appreciate ballet art. This festival is called an international ballet festival. In international ballet festivals, the main stars will present ballet dances. International ballet festivals are held at the Mariinsky Theater during spring, the exact date is different each year.

6. St Petersburg Fashion Week

If previously it was the right festival for you ballet enthusiasts, this festival is perfect for fashion lovers. The St Petersburg Fashion Week will be held on April 25, 2019, precisely at the Alexandrinsky Theater. At the event held in the city of St Petersburg there will be a design exhibition from established designers from all cities and surrounding countries. Of course, in a fashion festival like this, you also have to use best local cosmetics brand from Russia, so that your appearance is not inferior to other visitors.

7. Smelt Festival

When you come to Russia during spring or precisely on April 18-21 2019, you must visit this unique festival. This weirdest festival is held to celebrate the arrival of the smelting season in Russia. In this festival there will be a variety of traditional dishes with various smells from around the city. Held at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex, the kiss festival is able to make your nose work because of the cuisine of the chefs with its signature recipe.

8. Tulip Festival

You certainly already know tulips. Tulip flowers are bulbous flowers that have a height of about 10-70 cm. The waxy leaves, long narrow shape, have a green color with bluish shades, and the flowers are large with 6 crowns of leaves in them. The flowers will bloom in Elagin Park in May. To enliven this beauty, the tulip festival is held in Elagin Park on 11-12 May 2019. You will find more than 90,000 tulips from 90 varieties, one of which was included in the best flower nomination at the panass competition between the local flower shop. This festival can spoil your eyes with the beauty of tulips. In addition, you can capture the moment of vacation with tulips in your camera. Don’t forget to use best local cosmetics brand from Russia to add beauty to the documentation of your vacation.

9. Fountain Festival

One of the most famous fountain attractions in St. Petersburg is the Fountain of Peterhof. These attractions can add to the impression of a pleasant holiday in Russia. The event, held on May 18, 2019, became the most famous fountain attraction in St. Petersburg. There will be hundreds of people gathered to watch the attraction of the fountain with musin accompaniment and special effects directly. You can go to the Peterhof fountain by using beautiful trams in St. Petersburg – Russia.

10. White Night International Star Festival

If previously there was the Wild Mint Folk Festival, there was also the classic White Night Star Festival which is of the classic genre. The International White Night Star Festival is held at one of the famous theaters in Russia, the Marrinsky Theater. In addition, this festival is also held in several large theaters or other open stages spread across various cities. Held starting on May 18, 2019, this festival lasts for 10 weeks with various performances by the best classical music players in the world. The International White Night Star Festival is perfect for you music lovers, especially classical music.

11. City Day

City Day is a tradition that is routinely held since 1986. This year, City Day will last for 3 days starting from 23-25 ​​May 2019. The purpose of this festival is to end the spring beautifully and dramatically. Concerts throughout the city with a carnival parade that will color your streets will make your spring break in Russia even more memorable. There is also a large fireworks display that adds to the beauty of the night sky and you can see it on the banks of the Neva River.

That’s some spring events you have to know and watch in Russia, your vacation is guaranteed to be more fun if you go to the whole event. Prepare your vacation plan well, from finances to your appearance. Appearance is very important for anyone, including you who are on vacation. Therefore, use beautiful trams in St. Petersburg – Russia when you are on a summer vacation in Russia.

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