6 Easy Styling for Everyday Short Hairstyle of Russian Women

Short hair for women has always been considered as something challenging, because hair is one of the most treasured features for many women. In Russia, though, short hairstyle is actually quite common. Back to the Soviet Union era, the long over stylish hair was considered bourgeois and of course prohibited by the government. That was why a lot of Soviet women chose to wear short hair and it has been around in the country for decades. This style is as old as the Egyptian history, back to the time when Cleopatra had her chin-length hair.

Many women love short hair because it is more practical, easier to manage, and doesn’t take a lot of time to style. In the 60’s, a British supermodel known as Twiggy made pixie haircut a trend. Girls tried to rock the cut and it became one of the most memorable hair trends in the fashion industry. When Demi Moore played the character of Molly Jensen in 1990’s film Ghost, the short-hair trend happened again because that’s what Moore wears in the film and she looks super cute with it. It was a big shift from the 80’s big hair trend. How about in Russia? Let us see 6 easy styling for everyday short hairstyle of Russian women.

1. Simple Bob

This type of short hair is one of the more flexible cut. It can be adjusted with the shape of the face so the hair will frame it perfectly. The length can be varied, too. After getting washed, you only need to blow-dry your hair while using the round brush to keep the end of the hair neatly tucked in and highlight the bob cut. To maintain the look, keep the end of your hair trimmed every three months.

2. Pixie

When Twiggy made this style popular in the 60’s, the cut seemed to be sported only by women with small figure and petite nose because that was how Twiggy looked like. But, today, women with all body shapes confidently wear this cut. Very closely cut to the head, boyish like, Pixie is literally a wash-and-go hairstyle. You can just use your fingers to style it around while on the go for a more casual, boyish look. But you are always welcome to use comb and hair products to play about with the cut. This style is so light and perfect for the summer.

3. Shaggy

If you have relatively thin hair, this cut will help it to have more volume. Shaggy is a lot like layered hair only with spikes to the ends of the hair. For the short hairstyle, this cut is not as short as pixie but shorter than bob. It is usually nape-length. Needing more attention than pixie, this shaggy cut needs a little time to be shaped after your hair getting washed to avoid you looking like a bed-head. A little styling gel and hair dryer can go a long way with this style. Shaggy goes with all ages, too, not only for the youngsters. Women in Russia love to combine this or pixie cut with hair dyes for an extra look.

4. Layered Bob

If you want a more stylish look but are too scared to chop your hair off too short, this cut would suit you. Leave your hair at chin-length, and then have the ends cut into traps shorter at the back and longer at the front. You can spice up this look with side-swept bangs or fringe. Cute and fresh for an everyday look, but styleable enough for a formal event.

5. Loose Curls

Yes, curls can also be applied to short hair. You only need a curling iron and maybe a little hairspray to make the curls stay longer. If you have bob cut, all you need to do is part the hair into several strands, and then curl the ends out. This trick wil give you more volume and a flying style. Chic to wear everyday but formal enough for events with invitations.

6. Pompadour

This one is not for the faint of heart, and Russian women obviously are not because they rock this style for their everyday look. The history of this cut comes all the way from the 17th century where women loved to wear the big hair on top of their head. The original version called for a long hair to be combed tightly on the side, brought up and styled on top of the head from above the forehead all the way to the back. The modern version asks you to shave the side of your head and leave the hair a bit long on the top. You can leave it close cropped, if you think shaving the hair is too radical. This style can be combined with the pixie cut, where you part the hair into three, make the sides sleek with gel or foam, then puff the top up.

Did any of the 6 easy styling for everyday short hairstyle of Russian women above make you want to hurry and go to the hair salon and chop your tresses off? If you are not sure yet, there are a lot of websites where they offer to help you to decide which haircut would go well with your face by giving a virtual hairdo mix and match. This will at least give you a hint before getting the real cut, because short hair can be quite scary especially for them who have been wearing long hair for quite some time. But, cutting the hair off, to most women, can also mean having a new start. Moving on to a fresh blank page. So, what are you waiting for, go get the scissors and do it.

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