7 Possible things you can do during winter in Russia

Visiting Russia at its peak season of summer is less challenging for those who like a thrilling experience. While some of the people prefer summer, as the days are long and the temperature are warm, so they can explore Russia as much as they want without being afraid of harsh and cold weather. On the […]

9 Crazy things Russian do For Fun in Winter

Winter is a season which you will probably just want to do anything a whole day. Imagining the extreme cold, freezing windy air, and snow all over the ground, it must be tempting to stay inside a room with warm heater, hiding in a thick blanket while enjoyed your favourite channel. Hey, wake up and […]

9 Facts of Yakutsk, Russia – The Coldest City In The World

Visiting a place with a beautiful view is normal. But have you ever thought of visiting places with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius? It can become your new experience. If you want to visit a super cold place, Russia can be an option. In Russia, there are several cities that are very cold, even one […]

Light Packing Tips To Go To Russia During Freezing Winter Time

Winter vacation in Russia? This can be fun and challenging. Why? Because Russia is a country directly adjacent to the North Pole. You can imagine how cold Russia is in winter. Because Russia has many tourist attractions, visiting Russia in all seasons will still be a pleasure. One of the challenges for a winter vacation […]