What is Like The First Day of Spring in Russia?

russian springWhat is on your mind when i said spring? the sun shine warmly, the tree are beginning to let us see the color, or maybe the flower start to bloom? But one thing that people will be happy is when they finally see the ice melt. Ice that come every winter put a lot of hidrance in our life, isn’t it? The road slippery, Cars are freezing, we need to buy a lot of clothes too to block the cold air. That’s why we really love spring when it comes. We can finally free from the long winter. That Is same as Russian. They wait for the perfect spring. So how is spring in Russia coming?

If you looking for perfect spring gate away, maybe Russia should be on your list. I’m not saying Rusia have the best spring, but i said You can always see it from a lot of perspective to enjoy spring. And Spring in Russia had a lot of point of view to be enjoyed. 

Russia in country with 4 season, Winter – Spring – Autumn – Summer. Each season have their own charm to put on your travel list. Spring in Russia is probably one thing you should go. It will give you another experience to enjoy spring. Or if you already go to Russia for another season, go again on spring, you will see another face of Russia on spring. 

Celebrating the first spring

Spring in Russia usually are celebrate on the first May. But the actual day of the first spring in Russia may vary from the end of February to march. As a country near the pole, Russia is one of the country that have a GREAT winter. The upcoming of spring may brighten the day of the citizen. Sometimes the spring come faster, some other time it comes later.

When the first day of spring comes, Russian like to congratulate the other, they finally pass through the winter. But, in Russia, its actually not end there. When in other country spring means no more ice, But in Russia, the country near the pole, there still ice left in the road. Basically when the spring come you still can see the leftover ice because of their location of country, their longitude.

Spring in Russia is quiet special with some winter breeze left. But it will be so much fun to enjoy another level of spring. Russia have a great weather to enjoy their spring.

But the happiness on their first day of spring comes with a lot of thing. Like going out together with friends, enjoying the breeze that slowly warmer. With your friend, When the weather is not too cold but not hot either, perfect to enjoy sweet desert with your family, friends, or collague.

People in Russia really enjoy each other when the spring come. Beside there is a lot of thing to see and enjoy. There are a lot of delicious food to enjoy in Spring. And obviously enjoy it with each other, share it with others.

Labor day on the first day Spring in Russia

In first may, when the official day of Spring day in Russia, it was named as public holiday. The public holiday is match with international labor day. So usually in the first day of the spring, the road are full of parade. It was public holiday so there will be lot of fun there. 

Public holiday are very enjoyable in Russia. Labor day (1st may) were celebrate in the official first day of Spring in Russia. Because it was a public holiday, so it will be really loud. Usually there will be parade and demonstration in the main road. But its not kinda scary one. It will be lots of people and lots of fun. You may meet with the citizen of Russia and get new accuintance on there. 

Various Festival on Spring

But the spring in Russia is not end on there. There are a lot of activity to do on there. Also, if you plan to go to Russia on spring, there are plently spring festival on there. The various festival start from march to may.  There will be not only one festival you can enjoy in one spring in Russia but 4 kind of festival.

Start from Woman day on 8th of the march. International woman day are happened on 8th March. Russia, obviously celebrated it too. Since it happened in Spring, So it will be more beautiful spending the day with spring brezee. Another festival is Cosmonautics Day is happened on 12th of April, Another big day happening on spring is Easter day, easter day have lots of un, especially for children, and another festival you can enjoy is St. Petersburg White Nights Festival on May.

Lots of activity to do right? And they always welcome you there. There will be russian and another citizen from the world that showed up on the festival so it will be packed with lots of fun. And it will perfect gateway to looking a for a new friend.

Can not wait  to know of what is like the first day of spring in Russia?  Lets meet the great gateaway a new level of spring in Russia. So why not put Russia on your travel wishlist? Maybe someday you gotta encounter the spring in here..

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