Enjoy Your Night Date by Crossing the Volga in Tver 

The Volga, at 3,530 kilometres long, is not just the longest river in Russia. It also plays an outsized role in Russian history. It was the main channel for Moscow’s drive southward, throughout the hundreds of years, to the Caspian Sea.  It gave the backdrop to Tsar Ivan the Terrible’s epic triumph over the Khanates of Kazan, […]

Guide to Visit Samara for Foreign Solo Travelers

Samara (from 1935 to 1991 called Kuibyshev) is a city in the Middle Volga region of Russia, the center of the Volga economic region and the Samara region that forms the urban district of Samara. It is also dubbed as the city of labor and military glory in 2016. The population is 1,156,644 people according […]