Suzdal; It’s Not About a Part of Golden Ring, Heart and Soul Are Consisting of It

There are many places we can visit when we are traveling on vacation. If you like to go to a place where you can taste many kinds of foods, you can go to Tokyo in Japan. The range of foods is varied from casual dining type of food to the most expensive ones. Another part of the world popular for its foods in Mexico. Not only they have many modern dishes, but they also make traditional dishes popular around the world. Tacos and Tamales are just a couple of examples of Mexican food loved by so many people. It will be amazing if you get to taste those meals at its original place, right?

If you are a cultural history buff, you must want to explore places with many historical and cultural buildings. To experience wandering and learning about many historical moments, you have to go to a city, such as Chichen Itza in Mexico. You can see the beautiful fusion of the Mayan and Toltec civilizations in this city. Great Hall Court, Temple of the Warriors and El Castillo are some of the must-see places during your time in this city. Looking at its majestic pyramids and observatories, no wonder this city is one of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

There are many other travel destinations for history lovers besides the Chichen Itza. One of them is Suzdal which is located in Russia. Suzdal is one of the parts of the golden ring, an expansive area which is the location of Russia’s old cities. All of those cities are located in the arrangement of a ring and popular as a scenic route. However, when we are talking about Suzdal, it’s not about a part of the golden ring. Heart and soul are consisting of it.

So, what makes Suzdal so special? Let’s talk about that.

Suzdal The Heart and Soul Of The Golden Ring Of Russia

  • The History of Suzdal

Suzdal is not a very big city in comparison with other cities in Russia. The census held in 2010 showed that its population is consisted of around 10,535 people. Among other cities in the Golden Ring of Russia, Suzdal is the smallest one. But it is a part of a great history of Russia. This city was used to be the capital of the principality in the 12th century. Although that position does not belong to Suzdal anymore, this city is still very popular. Suzdal is a crucial tourist attraction, not only because of its many historical monuments or sites but also because of its rural look.

In 1967, Suzdal gained the status as a federally-protected status. Because of this status, many things in this city remain the same. At the Kamenka river, you can still find a wooden cottage with golden cupolas at the top of it. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the river’s burning through the hills and the meadow. What makes it more appealing, Suzdal has the rural look which proved by the common sight of chicken and livestock on the streets. You will even discover unpaved streets there. With so many medieval architecture buildings all over the town, it put contrast with Suzdal’s country look. This combination is an interesting factor that appeals so many tourists to come.

  • The Places To Visit at Suzdal

As stated before, when it comes to Suzdal, it’s not about a part of golden ring., heart and soul are consisting of it. This saying is not stated for no reason. Tourism is the industry maintained and developed in Suzdal. Since this city takes good care of its tourism, you will find many tourists-destination places in this city remain in stunning condition. 

There are many choices of places where you can be mesmerized by its architecture design and histories. 30 churches, 14 bell towers, 5 monasteries and convents, and countless monuments In Suzdal are worth to visit. Among those options, these two are a must-see.

  1. Saviour Monastery of St Euthymius

This monastery located in Suzdal is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. If you wonder what inspired the name of the monastery, the name was adapted from the first head of the church, Reverend Euthymios of Suzdal. He served there for 52 years and was canonized a century later, which was also the time the monastery got named after him. in 1564, there was a small temple constructed over the saint’s tomb. This spot was later developed into the Transfiguration cathedral.  

In the beginning, it was building in woods but it was burnt down during the Polish Invasion. Now, the brick building is standing tall with 12 towers on it. When you are about to enter the Saviour Monastery of St Euthymius, you must go through the 22-meter high entrance tower. In this tower, you will find two domes functioned as a bookshop and a ticket office.

Besides those domes, you will also see a prison at the monastery. It was established during the reign of Catherine The Great which initial intention was for religious protesters. But, in the Soviet era, the prison was used to lock up all kinds of prisoners.

  1. The Kremlin

Saviour Monastery of St Euthymius is not the only place recorded in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The Kremlin, Suzdal’s oldest part, is also on the same list. The Kremlin was established in the 10th century and the 12th century, Prince Yury Dolgoruky, the founder of Moscow, based his power at the Kremlin. The prince lived there along with the archbishop and the high clergy. An outpost on the east side of the Kremlin was populated by the secular population (shopkeepers and craftsmen).

When you visit the Kremlin, you will be hypnotized by the beauty of the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral which located at the heart of it. The lower part of it is made of original white stone while the rest of the cathedral is 16th-century brick. Ancient frescoes are all over its walls. When you enter the church, there are golden gates that will catch your attention right away. Each gate is divided into a square picturing the life of Christ.

Now you know the beautiful places you are going to locate in Suzdal. Which one you are going to go to first?

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